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  • Family Question...

    I was hired this past week at my hometown PD as an officer and I will be going to work the first of July. I've been married for just six months now. My wife has never lived on her own before getting married and now I'm going to be forcing her to stay home on nights and weekends by herself.

    My question is what are some things that yall did to comfort your wives of your safety on the job and some things to comfort her of her safety staying by herself at night?

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    The first thing you'll need is communication. She's going to worry about you so you just need to let her know that you'll do your job safely and that you don't take any unnecessary risks. It's not easy to work nights when you first get married. Just give her your time when your off. That way she won't feel as lonely.

    My wife worried about me alot when I first started but after a few years she's not so bad about it anymore. She used to call and say she was scared at night so I went out and got a german shepherd and taught her how to shoot one of my guns.

    Even now she still leaves a light on.


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      Just learn to communicate with your wife and leave your work at work - difficult at first, but better off in the end. My wife and I were married in Feb. and I was appointed in May (that was all iin 1963). We had a baby on the way and I moved her from MA to CA - 2900 miles from her mom and family. Fortunately, we survived and are still together. I owe it all to her tenacity and dedication to creating a happy and compatible relationship. In other words, I married up .

      Don't worry too much about it as things will work out and you will be happy. Congratulations on both - your marriage and your appointment - and GOOD LUCK!!!!
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