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Off Duty Carry Weapon/Cuffs???


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  • Off Duty Carry Weapon/Cuffs???

    Do any police officers carry their weapon and their handcuffs off duty???

    Just incase they see a crime??

    Say a police officer from Lubbock, Tx is going on a trip to Dallas and stops in Guthrie, Tx (Town Where I Grew Up Only About 200 People) And they witness a robbery at the local Texaco and have the opportunity to stop them and put them in cuffs. Would this be legal???

    Not doubt Jr. Daniel the King County Sheriff would say thanks and let you go on your trip after filling out a statement but would you be breaking any state laws. (In any state) I'm guessing their could be something in your department code that you could be breaking though too.

    Would your insurance cover it if you were injured. And what if you were sued??


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    I know in my dept. in Florida, if you were injured OR sued due to the incident, you would NOT be covered. That's why I only carry my BUG; to defend myself. In the case where I witness a crime, the best thing to do is be a good witness. Of course, there situations where action would HAVE to be taken.


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      By policy, if we are carrying off-duty, we must carry ID and a department approved restaining device. We've been issued this little rope cuffs that slip into a pocket, but I usually just slap on a pair of cuffs.


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        When I started we were taught that cuffs went with the gun. As to the off duty long as it is legitimate police action we're covered and paid from the time we act.


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          Thanks for the replies.


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            Normally if you are a LEO in the same state you took action would be covered. If you were injured you might be on your own. I carry extra FOP insurance/Legal Plan for being sued for taking Police actions off duty (which I hope I never do). The best is to call 911 and be a good witness
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