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What is the penalty for driving without insurance ?


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    Originally posted by sarah2007 View Post
    What is the penalty for driving without insurance in the state of Minnesota?
    A fine between $250 and $1000 plus up to 90 days in jail. It is a criminal misdemeanor in the State of Minnesota.


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      Here is it min $5000 for first offense...Plus I can usually tag on a "making a false statement to the ministry".....plus i have 2 years to dig and see if you did it before and if you did i get to tag those on as well....

      Usually about 7k in fines and jail time..

      That is one of the reasons I love my job.....



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        Large fines, possible jail time
        John 3:16


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          I work in MN...

          Well...if you DID have insurance during the accident and date of violation, you have a certain amount of time to produce a copy of the insurance which shows it was active during that time period which you were in the accident and/or cited. Where I work our citations require you to provide proof within 10 days...some places require it by your court date, it depends.

          If you DID NOT have insurance during that time period, which is unavoidable if you didn't, OR you DID but DID NOT provide the proof within the allotted time, here's what you can expect; Revocation of your drivers license and revocation of your vehicles registration.

          If you want to read through the Statutes be my guest, it will explain everything...169.791 to 169.797


          Like it or not, it's the LAW. It's people who drive around with no insurance and get in accidents that jack everyone else's rates up!!!
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          It's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six...


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            Iowa is 380$ for no insurance, it is like 740$ if you have an accidnet with no insurance.


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              In Florida your dl will be suspended, tag siezed, and your car towed.
              Your a daisy if you do.


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                Non-LEO with a question here:

                Years ago I got cited on no insurance/no registration. Both were current, just for some unknown reason the paperwork wasn't in the car (I had no idea it wasn't until I couldn't find it.) Here you can show the paperwork to the clerk and the entire ticket is completely voided.

                I'm sure the information the officer pulled up showed whether the registration was current and I would think the system would tell him if the driver was uninsured. Thus what was the point in his writing the tickets?

                I could understand it if I was far from home and maybe the officer didn't have access to the records of where the car was registered but this happened about 10 miles from home.


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