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    I'm considering becoming a Law Enforcement Officer when my hitch with the Navy expires about four years from now (so I've got the time), I'll be around 27 or 28 when I've gotten out. A friend of mine who is a Coast Guard LE guy said that I should go for federal service. (I've already got a bachelor's degree, so he says that's a plus.)

    However, I kinda know where I'd like to settle when I've finished this hitch, back in Florida. Also playing a factor in this decision is whether or not I successfully transfer into the Army National Guard at the end of my tour of duty with the Navy. I'm not so sure Federal agencies hire reservists. I'd like some inputs from actual LEOs...

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    Originally posted by LoneRider View Post
    I'm not so sure Federal agencies hire reservists.
    Currently the only fed agency that won't allow it's LEOs to be in the Guard or Reserves is the USSS. AFAIK, all the other agencies will allow you be in the Guard or Reserves, including the FBI which in the past had restricted Guard and Reserve service for the Special Agents.

    One thing to consider is that you can "buy back" your active duty years to apply to toward your civilian federal retirement. The years won't count toward your required 20 years minimum for any "6c covered" LEO jobs that get the special retirement, but they would count toward your total years. For example if you "buy back" 4 years of active duty, and do the required 20 years of time as an LEO, your retirement would be treated as is you did 24 years as a civilian federal employee.


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      You can always go on USAJOBS and search by state, and series. There are federal agent/officer jobs that can be listed by specific areas. You can also talk to the recruiter of whatever agency your interested in. Some will give you a little preference as to where you can go. It doesn't hurt to look into it. The Federal Government helps out prior service a lot.

      Even agencies like the USSS, who don't allow you to be in the guard/reserve still let you in if your on IRR status..


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        I checked USAJobs for you, and I didn't see any Criminal Investigator, or Park Ranger positions in Florida. The only Federal Police Officer position was with the VA Police at Gainesville. It's a decent organization, but if you have a Bachelors, I'd try for an 1811 position before anything.


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          Feds pay a lot more and there's a lot more room for advancement.

          But you have to move in most agencies. At least twice.

          It depends on the job, as well. I don't want to spend my career checking bags at an airport, or working the border with Mexico or Canada.
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