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Is this stealing?


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  • Is this stealing?

    When I was 15-16 years old, I was a treasurer for the history club. Throughout my service, I kept getting checks that I needed to deposit into the history club account at the high school. Granted, I could have been more proactive in depositing the checks, there were 1-2 checks worth $5.00 each that I never got around to depositing since the school year ended already. I shredded and destroyed the checks. The checks were made payable to the history club - "school name." I am mentioning this to my BI but there is also a section in the packet about stealing and I am wondering if I should put it there. Thank you in advance.
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    It's funny, I just did a monthly training session on "Theft" not even 3 days ago.

    Some would say that it's not stealing because you did not benefit from the act, and the money never left the giver's bank account. At the same time, you did deprive the school or the club of the money, regardless of your benefit.

    If you can truly justify not depositing the checks because the school year was over, then you may be ok. If they still would have eventually benefited from the contribution, then it could be considered stealing.

    The training went so far as to say that if you went to a party and threw the homeowner's speaker system in the pool, you could be charged with Theft because you permanently deprived the owner of the use of the speakers. We'd never do it (it'd be criminal damage to property), but just something to think about. You don't have to necessarily obtain the goods to steal it, only permanently deprive the owner of the use of it.
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      Least you didn't take it, but I suppose that "technically" it could be because, as stated, someone was deprived of it's use...I darn should wouldn't charge it. Make restitution and give the school some $ now

      I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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        As an officer u will have to use a lot of common sense to protect the public and yourself. if you are have to ask us this kind of question then my guess is that ur going to drive ur Sgt. crazy or get urself killed
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          Originally posted by troopertobe View Post
          As an officer u will have to use a lot of common sense to protect the public and yourself. if you are have to ask us this kind of question then my guess is that ur going to drive ur Sgt. crazy or get urself killed
          Yes, but as any new officer would know, you have so much to learn when starting out. Better to ask easy questions on here then bugging your sarge. Honestly, if thats the only thing you have to worry about, then I doubt you'll have much of a problem.


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            You never cashed the checks or benefited form the checks, you're fine. Like one of the previous posts stated go donate $10 -20 dollars to the history club and say 3 hail Mary's.
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              Is this Stealing?

              I don't think your case is "stealing" so much as it is a lack of diligence on your part. Without getting too technical or legalistic, you were entrusted with the checks, and you failed to deposit them. You've mentioned the situation to your BI. which I would have recommended you do in any case. If you're still feeling a little guilty about this, why not make a donation(amount of the checks) to the History Club,or the school?


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                No you didn't steal. You were irresponsible. Leave it out.

                If you bring up something like this, the guys doing the interview are going to shred you.
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                  No, it's not stealing, and the money stayed in the account of the person writing the check.
                  Forget about it.
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                    Don't worry about it, I had a far worse situation I had to explain a hundred times to a hundred people and it wasn't a problem. Honesty is the best policy, people get jammed up when they lie or omit...
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                      You were not a thief, just a poor treasurer.
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