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    Thanks for the help everyone. I am leaning towards an LP job right now but I need to find something first.


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      I did Loss Prevention for 5 years prior to getting hired. It was great experience in dealing with all types of people, from first time 12 year old theives to hardened 3 strike parolees. You learn alot about fraud if you get into the internal theft side of LP. Like previously stated, you also learn about use of force and report writing skills.


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        I'll echo what some of the others have said. I worked LP for five years before I was a cop and it was a fantastic experience.

        What sets LP apart from uniformed security guard work is that in LP you're actually required to get something done. LP people tend to be go getters and are good at self initiated activity, both good police attributes.

        I learned more about interview techniques, self defense, court testimony and report writting working in LP than I ever did in the police academy.

        When I was in LP I got heavy into working with police catching people who were buying (or stealing) components to make methamphetamine. I worked with patrol, dope detectives and the DA's office and together we made alot of really good cases. When I was in the academy and they taught us about meth, all of the cases that they profiled were ones I had worked on in LP including a lot of CCTV video I shot, that they used to show the class how the cooks get 'shop' for the components. That was kinda cool.


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          I too work LP at Best Buy for about a year. It is not a bad place to work (provided you get the right store), but the job is self is more obvious presence than trying to catch shoplifters. Best Buy's theory is that they would rather keep people from trying to shoplift than catch them once they do. You also spend a lot of time doing stuff that is not really LP related since you are the first person people see when they come in the door and the last they see when they leave.

          On the up side, the pay wasn't bad for retail, the people there were pretty fun to work with (although I was a lot older than most of them), and they will hire people seasonally for LP. Oh, and the discount was excellent.

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            I've worked in Loss Prevention since 02 and just getting ready to start my Law Enforcement Carreer. I agree with everyone on the fact that Uniformed Security is mostly maintaining a presence in the area while plain clothes loss prevention actually make an impact on the stores profit, shrink and safety.

            When I first started out I was uniformed security for six months and hated it! I then promoted to plain clothes and loved the job. You learn a TON of different things working plain clothes. You learn how much force to apply during an altercation, how to make quick decisions on the fly (GOOD decisions based on business and safety), team work, how to read bodylanguage (more of a skill that someone has before going in, but honing that skill more), being aware of your surroundings, how to approach people and how to maintain a professional yet commanding presence, all of these are really good traits and skills to have before going into LE.

            Its harder to find a plain clothes loss prevention job if you have no experience, but it can be done. When I was a manager (last year) I would have gladly taken an individual that shows a strong drive to succeed and make an impact even if he was only going to be with me for a few months and no experience as opposed to an individual who wanted long lasting stable job but lacked the drive. If your really interested in trying for LP for a couple months, just get out there and apply.

            I'm not sure exactly what retailers are in your area, but I have (and voich for these companies) worked for Sears, Target and Gottchalks. They are all strong Loss Prevention focus companies that have very good training and systems to give you the experience you want. Also try, Home Depot, Winco, Lowes, Kohls, JC Penny, Macy's and the likes. You would be supprised at how many food stores also have their own LP.

            If you need help just send me a PM and I can give you some pointers on what exactly their looking for when interviewing candidates.
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              Thank you all, especially Meat_Hands, for your responses. I am looking into LP jobs at the local malls (approx. 45 mins from home). These malls have many of the stores recommended by everyone. I like the sound of Best Buy but am willing to work anywhere that will hire me seeing as I have no previous experience. I like to believe I am a hard worker and willing to learn. Hopefully, these companies will see that and not be afraid of my lack of experience.


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