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What improvements do you think should be made to policing?


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  • What improvements do you think should be made to policing?

    • More funding, less politics, more accountability, etc?

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    You started an identical thread on 07/18/20:

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      Members of the public need to accept responsibility for and be held accountable for their behavior.

      That would solve 99% of our problems.
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        Better pay.
        More clerical support.
        Greater staffing levels.
        Allow members to attend in-service training.
        Support for life-long learning outside of mandated Agency courses.
        Better physical / mental / dental benefits.
        In-vehicle and body-worn cameras for ALL uniformed General Patrol, Highway Patrol / Traffic Services, and other first-response Units.
        Better records management systems.
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          This can be answered with easy answers or volumes of books could be written to answer this. An easy one would be having more realistic situational training in the academy. As I've said in some other threads, I've watched a ton of police training videos over the years, and the recent ones I've seen with current academies show some pretty good situational training. There are a ton of LE academies around the country, and a lot of those are self-sponsored where they just don't have the funds to have the best of training.

          Another is to allow police to do their job as trained without political or social pressure. I know that is impossible, but that's what would help a lot. Even though an officer has state laws, local laws and department policies going through their head which they have to apply to the situation they find themself, now they have pressure from social media, the leftist media and elected/appointed government officials spouting counter-rhetoric fouling up an already difficult job.

          Free donuts also helps!!!


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            If every cop was just allowed to supply their own gear, that would do it. Also, cops should be allowed to buy their promotions, that way it guarantees that they really want and deserve it.


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              Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
              If every cop was just allowed to supply their own gear, that would do it. Also, cops should be allowed to buy their promotions, that way it guarantees that they really want and deserve it.
              I see we’re fully on the same page now, CCCSD!

              Crossroads King, if you and the rest of society would just get a ride along with a local department or two, preferably during the nighttime hours, you and the rest of society will experience firsthand what “improvements” should be made. The improvement needed is society. It used to be that the US population was more on the same page in their moral beliefs since the population mostly descended from predominantly Christian Europe/UK, but the passage of time changed that up.

              Instead of a society largely refraining from criminal activity because it was morally wrong has changed to only refraining from criminal activity for the fear of being caught. Of course, there are more subtleties, but those are the basics. To add to that, one time the law was considered a good teacher, but that has long since gone from society.

              If the US only had foreign enemies wanting our destruction, that would help in unifying us as a nation. However, our domestic enemies have risen to a level of effectiveness that won’t be overcome due to the neutering and the fracturing of society - years in the making.

              LE is at the crossroads with attempting to remain in its traditional role, but is being pushed and pulled into other roles due to the extreme changes in society.

              Looking at what can be improved from a traditional standpoint, better funding is a biggie. That covers better pay, more officers, limits attrition, assures OT, more and better equipment, better facilities, and better training to name several.

              Looking at what can be improved from a progressive standpoint, defunding is a biggie. Divert public safety funds to community-based organizations in addition to starting social worker-based public safety departments focused on social justice reforms.

              Both can be effective to a point, but only in societies those standpoints originated in. Since the US has moved away from its Judeo/Christian/Western structure, sadly the progressive model probably will be the norm even though it too will be ineffective at slowing the slide into the inevitable ‘end,’ and I only have ideas what that will look like. With the constitution under attack, the nuclear family under attack, religious beliefs under attack, institutionalized racism/racial preferences pushed by business and government, uncontrolled borders/changing demographics, etc, etc, etc, the glues that held the US together as the greatest nation ever, have been worn away with time.

              A Peace Officer’s Role in Society was one of first classes in the academy, and what officers are taught in that class today and tomorrow are not what was taught to me just as recently as 1987 back when I started. An insight into that and what’s to come in the new age will help determine what “improvements” should be made.

              Damn, free donuts still sounds like a constant through all of these changes!


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