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    while i was in Fort Pickett Virginia (the reason i was gone so long) ther were police officers everywhere, but they weren't MP"S they were DOD police officers, and ppl were complaing about them because they were getting stoped for going 1 over. Which it is there job to enforce the law, and thats wut they were doing. But my question, is can DOD Police Officer pull over other LE personelle?
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    Originally posted by NewbernFireDept View Post
    But my question, is can DOD Police Officer pull over other LE personelle?
    You're on their base and must follow their rules........what do you think...?

    And I seriously doubt they are pulling folks over for 1 MPH over.....


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      On base, DOD Police can enforce all laws. 1 Mile over is a violation. You may want to complain, and you can complain. Your complaint won't recieve much attention. Usually when officers are pulling you over for 1 or 2 MPH over, therre is a search or sting operation going on. I would not complain, they were protecting you.
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        Questions to your question

        Were the LEO in a marked car....

        If not how the heck do they know you are an LEO
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          Why couldnt they pull a LEO over? Unless they were in a marked cruiser on official business.
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            Off topic here, but what does the newbern in your name stand for?

            I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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