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Traveling out of state armed.


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    If you don't have a CCW, it is illegal to have a loaded firearm on your person or within your reach in TN (TCA 39-17-1307).

    If it is not within reach (i.e. trunk), then you will not have a problem.
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      Originally posted by Sid View Post
      Hello all,

      I live in the upstate area of SC and I own a Glock model 22 firearm that I keep locked in my glove compartment of my car, loaded with one in the chamber. It is legal here for me to do so. It usually stays there unless I visit the range or for a cleaning. I do not have a ccw, yet.

      I will be traveling from here to the lower part of Illinoise next weekend to see my father I havent seen in 5 years. Due to some mechanical issues with my car, I dont know if I would trust it to make it that far. I think it will, but I will be traveling by myself at night and that isnt a chance I am willing to take. So my best friend has offered his new 06 car for me to take the trip. I have accepted and also want to secure my firearm in his car for the trip, as I do in my own personal vehicle.

      Now to my question(s). Traveling across the states north through NC, TN, KY into IL, in the highly unlikely event I were to be pulled over. Are other states reciprocal to my own state laws? Also, because the car does not belong to me, would I (or him) face liabilities for me having a firearm secured in his vehicle?

      Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

      I don't know about there, but you're welcomed to have it here in Arkansas. We have wording that allows people to carry a weapon if they're "on a journey" so even without a concealed handgun license then you're safe.


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        The Fed law mentioned above is Firearms Owners` Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA). Sorry I don't have a legal cite for you, but that should help you find it.


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