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What's your radio callsign?


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  • What's your radio callsign?

    What's your "normal" radio identifier, or at least the one you are assigned most of the time... ?

    Like if you're in Chicago, you might be 611Charlie or smthg like that....
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    Mine is 30C.
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      273 or 274
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        depends, it differs from what i am working... 356, or 621, or it will be engine(insert station number here)
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          Mine is 2B6
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            Depends on the car I'm working, usually 122 or 123..Wish I was still 72E though...
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              We use our badge number which is two digits, preceeded by a 1 if we're a supervisor or a 2 if we're a patrol officer, i.e. 101 is the Chief, 176 is a sergeant, 218 is a patrol officer, etc.

              Sometimes, the sergeants just call in as "17".
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                It changes night to night. Three main zones: 881, 882, 883; floating cars: 884, 885; Corporal: 886; and Commander: 887

                My favorite is the next town over. They're all "Lincoln's". Lincoln-8, Lincoln-17, etc. It's cool, especially in Illinois (Land of Lincoln)
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                  The first couple years it was 4county31. For the past 9 years it has been
                  4county14. I will retire with 4county14 unless I am fortunate enough to get promoted.
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                    My personal radio number is 309............

                    My service area beat call signs are 30A, 30B or 30C. I am usually 30B.

                    P.S.-If you say "Dirty Boy" correctly, is sounds just like "Thirty Boy"(30B)........heheheh........
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                      Charlie 42


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                        Nothing sexy about mine. 302.


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                          The RCMP radio call sign designations are GENERALLY standardized across Canada is the style of ANNN - Alpha prefix and 1 to 3 digit Numeric suffix.

                          The prefix letters indicate the type of duty that the vehicle is used for:
                          A - Rural General Duty;
                          B - Municipal General Duty;
                          C - Traffic Services (the "dark side"!);
                          D - Major Crimes / Drugs / Federal Section plain clothes Units;
                          E - Operational Support Units (IDENT (CSI, though we don't call it that!), Dog Section, Provost / Prisoner escort, Radio & Computer install / repair section);
                          F - Administrative Support Units

                          The suffix digits are randomly assigned, but sequential for each Unit, and are permanent for that vehicle as long as it is assigned to that location for that duty.

                          Some Divisions use a NANNN system, due to the size of the Division and number of vehicles and/or number of dispatch centres. Saskatchewan, or "F" Division, has only one Operational Communication Centre, known as F DOCC.

                          My Unit has 2 cars - C420 (the one I usually drive) and C421, but there are 3 (and in a few months, 4) of us that share these cars, and USUALLY all work the same dates/shifts, so the call sign is NOT necessarily always the same investigator, and this is typical for most of our Units.
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                            Ours depend on the squad, shift, and beat your assigned to at the beginning of the year. Example 3rd shift David Squad, 2 beat is D302. Some cars cover different beats on different days to cover for the regular beat officers days off. They wind up with something like D321. Some just rove in a squad and can have just about any designator that starts with their shift number (1,2, or 3)

                            Corporal all end with a 9 like D19 or D39

                            Sgts all end in 0 like D10 of D39

                            Cpts all start with a 5 and end with their shift like Z51 or U53

                            Special units like traffic or Street Crimes have varying designators.

                            Whatever designator you start the year with is yours for the whole year no matter where you work.

                            Even detectives have call signs but you rarely hear them on the radio.

                            The Chief is R1.
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                              1045...That's right, One thousand forty-five. It changes every year on January 1 to reflect your seniority in the department.

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