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  • Possible Hacker Problem


    I have a situation that is a bit hard to explain.


    last weekend I broke the shifter on my 2003 Suzuki SV650's. So I did a quick fix to get my bike back to my house, and later had the bike delivered to the local Suzuki service store.

    The store is closed on Monday, so I called them on Tuesday to ask about my bike. He said they fixed the shifter, but mentioned that my radiator was leaking like crazy. It had never leaked before. I just thought it was a coincidence that my radiator needed to be replaced right about the time my bike needed the shift mechanism fixed. He said it looked like my bike had been "trashed" or "dumped" or some word along those lines. I said, no, as I had not dumped my bike.


    About a year or so ago my apple mac computer began acting strange. So, I started checking around and going to mac service web sites and purchasing mac and unix manuals to try and remedy the problem. After a while, some of the odd behavior in my mac began looking suspiciously like there was a hacker poking around in my system. And after reinstalling my OSX operating system maybe 2 dozen times, and checking systems and looking for things out of place, my certainty that I had been hacked went from maybe to 100%.

    Now, a hacked computer is a problem, but a hacked mac is a much more difficult problem, because the sales line is that macs don't get hacked. So, I nervously began talking to mac service persons and doing research on line, to try and remedy a mac problem that is "not supposed to happen."

    Every single mac service person I talked to seemed to think my presumption that my mac had been hacked, was all in my head. But at the same time, some of the mac service folks would walk around looking nervous while I was trying to explain the situation. After a while, I started to think this may be a thing that has been happing to more than one mac user, but all the mac service people have been given a gag order by the guys who cut the check.

    But I was still aware that my mac had been compromised, or violated, and wanted to get the problem fixed so I can enjoy my computer.

    I took it to the apple mac dot com forums, and was treated like some sort of social leper. Some of my posts were completely ignored. Posts that clearly demonstrated that my mac was not operating according to factory standards. I shared peculiar and conspicuous hidden passwords that were by no means arbitrary, but I was told that I was making something out of what they described as gobbledygook.

    Basically, I was getting what is formally referred to as "the whistle blower treatment."

    So I took the problem to what is considered the most reliable and regarded mac help forum on the web, Mac Fix It dot com, and opened up a thread titled "THE HACK FROM HELL." I knew this was a risky approach, and pretty much expected to get some sort of run around, while at the same time hoping maybe someone would recognized that I HAD been hacked, and offer some healthy advice.

    Well, I began posting what I believed to be evidences of my mac having been hacked, and I was not sure of some of my evidences, but I was mostly sure there was enough stuff posted to equal a genuine proverbial smoking gun.

    But the way I was treated at mac fix it was both absurd and very disturbing.

    I was mobbed with fancy explanations for the evidences I was posting as clues to my mac having been hacked. 1 forum guy after another would tear apart 1 reference, while the whole group ignored other evidences. Sort of like posting DNA evidence that they toss out because some other clue was irrelevant. It was like a gang rush. They were all jumping on my topic and thread in what appeared to be a group panic.

    And I started to wonder if the mac fix it guys were not in some way involved in illegal activity.

    But then I remembered something. I once downloaded a utility that exposes all the hidden files on your mac, and when I ran that utility, a whole bunch of stuff appeared on my desktop. 1 of which was either a network cube thing or a alias that read "mac fix it." At the time, I thought maybe the guy hacking my computer was a mac fix it member, but just recently I began to suspect even worse.

    So I kept posting new threads at mac fix it dot com, pushing the evidences that I had dug up, that they had collectively ignored, and they would gang rush me, and lock out or remove my thread.

    After a while, I actually suggested that maybe the mac fix it guys were participating in hacking mac computers, and shortly after, they actually transfered my thread to a spot on the forums that is out of the bigger mac forum traffic, and began to treat me like a prince.

    They all got really friendly and were suddenly there "to help me" and to "share their wealth of understanding and knowledge."

    It could not have been more obvious. I was being buttered up.

    But they would remove my threads and I would go back into the main part of the forum, and repost the stuff they kept ignoring, and they would give me the run around and argue that I was confused and lock or remove the thread again.

    And here is where it gets scary.

    I started another thread and posted some stuff that clearly did not defend my premise that I had been hacked. So, I posted another thing that was just too conspicuous to ignore. And they ignored it.

    Here is post that was ignored.



    I pumped "fdisk" into Terminal, and it returned this output:


    Last login: Wed Jun 6 16:06:50 on ttyp1
    Welcome to Darwin!
    damon-heims-computer:~ damonheim$ fdisk
    usage: fdisk [-ieu] [-f mbrboot] [-c cyl -h head -s sect] [-S size] [-r] [-a style] disk
    -i: initialize disk with new MBR
    -u: update MBR code, preserve partition table
    -e: edit MBRs on disk interactively
    -f: specify non-standard MBR template
    -chs: specify disk geometry
    -S: specify disk size
    -r: read partition specs from stdin (implies -i)
    -a: auto-partition with the given style
    -d: dump partition table
    -y: don't ask any questions
    -t: test if disk is partitioned
    `disk' is of the form /dev/rdisk0.
    auto-partition styles:
    boothfs 8Mb boot plus HFS+ root partition (default)
    bootufs 8Mb boot plus UFS root partition
    hfs Entire disk as one HFS+ partition
    ufs Entire disk as one UFS partition
    dos Entire disk as one DOS partition
    raid Entire disk as one 0xAC partition
    damon-heims-computer:~ damonheim$


    So I countered with "sudo cat /dev/rdisk0" and received this response:


    Last login: Wed Jun 6 16:09:36 on ttyp1
    Welcome to Darwin!
    damon-heims-computer:~ damonheim$ sudo cat /dev/rdisk0
    ?????????P U?EFI PART\?OR??P "??P ????B???Mn???x?jZ(s*????K??>?;???Q?C?`?X??B?('@EFI System PartitionSFH??0eC?Ys??I?J???D3??z(@??L FS_Untitled_1?X?BSD 4.4 ? @O
    FFEFI FAT32 ?1???|????^???????t????0???
    Non-system disk
    Press any key to reboot
    U?RRaArrAa????U??X?BSD 4.4 ? @O
    FFEFI FAT32 ?1???|????^???????t????0???
    Non-system disk
    Press any key to reboot
    U?RRaArrAa????U???????????????????EFI (?n5


    And this remains for about 15 seconds, and then the thing sp***es out and starts dumping or running a mess of random stuff indefinitely, with that thumping sound at about speed metal tempo. I then I have to terminate the page to make it stop.



    objects.xib?U?U??*?o&??? ????
    objects.xib??Toolbox.stringsno.lproj*?Appearance.s trings?"zi?"zi?*?o&????2?BrowserControl.strings?"zj?"zj?*?o&?????2?enu.strings?3??3??*?o&???R?D?ContextualSpellCheckingMenu.nib????????*?o&iA?.nib????????*?o&iA??
    Toolbar.nib????????*?o&iA?$?Toolbar.stringb????C???C??????\?C$?Toolbox.st rings???????*?o&?????/??Appearance.strings??gs??ContextualMenu.strings?? ContextualSpellCheckingMenu.nib?
    HelMenus.strings??StandardAlert.nib?Localized.rsrc ??


    What exactly does this mean?



    NOTE: FAT 32 Volumes are Windows Volumes. Finding those on my mac is what should have been a Red Flag.


    This post sat there in the forum and nobody gave a response. So I got clever and posted a sarcastic dialogue that inferred that there were surely decent people on the forums who should have come to my defense. And this is the response I got back from the forum moderator, before he again locked my thread. I have hightlighted the disturbing references.



    The reason that no one has come to your assistance is quite simple...you don't listen when given assistance.

    If you insist on going to the command line and entering garbage, eventually you will find a combination of commands that will totally goon up your computer.

    Just because the syntax of unix is not identical to what the syntax of the Finder presents you doesn't mean that you get to add your own interpretation to the results.

    You have not been hacked --- get over it.

    To put this into terms that I know you understand ---

    When you turn the key on your SV650 and it doesn't sound like a big Harley V-twin, doesn't that really concern you that someone has messed with your motorcycle when you weren't looking? Of course not, because when you start YOUR motorcycle it is SUPPOSED to sound that way.

    This thread has run its' course.

    Now closed.

    -->MacFixit Forums Moderator<--


    Now, observe the game here.

    How did this guy know I ride an SV650 motorcycle?
    Did he do web research on me?
    And if so, why?

    And here is the really scary part.

    "doesn't that really concern you that someone has messed with your motorcycle when you weren't looking?"

    Now, I had just talked to the guy at Suzuki, and he suggested that my SV650 looked like it had been in some way trashed.

    Now, look at this coincidental reference.

    If you insist on going to the command line and entering garbage, eventually you will find a combination of commands that will totally goon up your computer.

    He used the word "goon."

    So, a guy on a web forum who I suggested may have been doing something illegal, knows I ride an SV650. Makes a reference to "my motorcycle being messed with." and uses the word "goon" all in the same post.

    If he was trying to be cleverly cryptic, he did not do a very good job.

    So I headed over to the Suzuki service place today, and took a look at my SV650 that was parked out with the other bikes being serviced. And it did not appear to be trashed, but there did appear to be some hoses and other parts around the radiator, that appeared to be brand new.

    Now, I had been informed it would take a week to get a new radiator, so I never expected to see any new parts on my SV650 until the radiator was installed. The old radiator was still there, but there did appear to be some stuff that looked a bit too factory fresh to have been on my bike.

    Now, I cannot be certain of my bike having had any new parts installed, but the above "magic" references to my Suzuki SV650, an out of context reference to my bike having been messed with, the use of the word "goon" a service guy suggesting my bike looked like it had been dumped or trashed, is just a bit too coincidental to be excused.

    Did they get nervous after making that "goon" post, and decide a late night fix up an SV650 could avoid a catastrophe? And if so, why on earth could that have happened at a major motorcycle dealership?

    Was the dealership scared that they did not protect my bike from "goons," so they themselves did the fix up for reasons not even specific to my mac apple hack situation?

    POINT 3:

    I would seem that I am being threatened, though the mac forums moderator who made the above references, is listed as living in San Diego.


    What now?

    Does the above information generate enough suspicion to suggest there is some sort of conspiracy about the mac fix it dot com forums, such that they would be willing to GOON my bike as a way of inferring that I should "back off," or "give it a rest" as was once said?

    If so, what they can I do about it?

    And also, if any of this holds water, it may be quite provable that the guys at mac fix it, and maybe other mac persons, could be participating in some sort of underground mac hacking club.

    I have kept copies of all the forum dialogue if you want to check them out.

    God Bless,
    San Rafael, CA

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    from my short experience in law enforcement in comparison I doubt you will find a department willing to give this any real attention. The cyber crimes division of any department from what I have seen is small and they are handling child porno and finincial crimes online. Good luck if you get a department to take this up and suddenly expose anything. But it all looks like jibberish to me and like I said I would just fix your problem and move on.


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      Think I Will Wait For A Second Opinion

      All due respect, sir, you don't generate that feeling of trust with me.

      You have been a member here for how long?


      What kind of computer do you use?


      • #4
        I agree with Cypher.

        But again, wait for another response. Again, with all "due respect".

        I hope you find someone you can "trust".

        Best Regards to you however..."sir"


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          You know I am keeping copies of this...

          You really want to go this route in the middle of the largest police page online?


          You would not be impersonating cops would you?


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            You guys actually read that?!!>?


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              Give Me A Break

              No capable police officer would claim that is jibberish...

              They may say they cannot do anything about it, but they would not call it gibberish.

              This leads me to believe you are either incompetent, or doing something evil.

              And I am a fan of the good police department.

              Was there someone who works on this site who was forced or obligated to let you guys in?

              I know when I am being BS'd.



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                I browsed.. Its becoming quickly obvious that tunpoet is some kind of attention seeker or forum troll. Guess I should have seen from how be trolled mac's forums similar drama would follow here. I'm sure a month from now there will be a similar post on the FBI forums with a copy of the previous post with all of our responses asking for an official investigation into our departments..

                EDIT: you posted while i was responding. I said it looked like jibberish to me, and as a vista user I dont see how that makes us incompitent, I just dont understand your technical readout, for I am a cop and not a computer tech. I don't even begin to understand how you think evil is involved..Maybe we also are in league with the mac guys to keep the coverup going. Do you have your foil hat on?
                Last edited by Cypher69; 06-07-2007, 09:34 PM.


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                  Do you work for the FBI?


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                    I just said I was a cop, not an FBI agent.


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                      Are you democrat or republican?


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                        What does that have to do with anything?


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                          Just doing my homework...


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                            Have you been drinking?


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                              I don't drink...

                              What party are you a part of?


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