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Badge/Off-Duty CCW


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  • Badge/Off-Duty CCW

    What is the rule about Officer's carrying their badge when they carry concealed (in California)? Does it have to be next to the gun, or easily displayed when you draw, etc?

    The reason I ask is because I saw a guy at a Motorcycle event the other day, and noticed his badge sticking out below his leather riding jacket. He was a friend of a friend, so I knew he was an Officer. Maybe that's why I noticed it so quickly. I'm sure it wasn't easy to find a place to carry his badge wearing all his leather gear, but it just seemed so obivious. But maybe its just me who noticed it.
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    There is no specific rule pertaining to the location of your badge when carrying. All the cops I know in CA. carry their flat badges in a wallet type badge holder, along with their departmental issued picture ID. Ideally, on the opposite side of their firearm.

    From experience, off duty cops who allow their badge to be seen, want it to be seen In twenty two years of carrying, I've never unintentionally(or intentionally) allowed anyone to see my gun or ID.
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      i carry it in my left (weak side) back pocket, so that if i draw, my left hadn grabs it and shows it
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        usually there aren't any rules. but i believe you must carry your ID if you carry off duty..not just your badge. i carry seperate flat badge/id


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          Originally posted by Conallron View Post
          The reason I ask is because I saw a guy at a Motorcycle event the other day, and noticed his badge sticking out below his leather riding jacket. .
          Was that his badge, or maybe he was just happy to see you

          Every department has small variations, but for us, as long as you have your ID card and badge on your person, then you are, by dept. policy, allowed to carry a gun. It doesn't mention where the badge has to be displayed as some officers carry it in their wallet, or around their neck or on their belt buckle, etc.

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            When I carry on my belt, both on and off duty, I like to have my badge right next to the firearm, instead of the other side. If I carry any other way, I use my wallet badge inside my credentials in my pocket.


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              I carry my flat badge in my wallet on my weak side. That way if someone tries to rob me or something, i can be going for my gun while i'm distracting them with producing my wallet. If I'm being robbed at gunpoint the perp can believe I'm the biggest wuss in the world. BUT when I produce my wallet there is going to be lead comming with it. Practicing and mulling over serious incidents in your mind can do wonders for you preparedness for the real thing. Hopefully, I will never have to find out.
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