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      Originally posted by BlueLineStand View Post
      On what grounds does a police department choose to not interview and declares someone “not a suspect” lacking an actual investigation, but has evidence.
      The investigating officer could have any number of reasons not to interview a suspect. The suspect may refuse. There may be insufficient evidence for probable cause. Some departments have “solvability” metrics that determine what cases they spend resources on. It may be a civil issue, and no actual crime was cimmitted.

      Merely having “evidence” is almost irrelevant.

      In order to respond, actually read the narrative provided.
      Since when do you make the rules here?

      Question 2: is the victim the star witness: yes or no.
      There’s no such thing as a “star witness”. A victim may not be a witness at all... they may be dead. They may not have seen anything worthwhile. ...or they could be an important witness. A rape victim often is an important witness..

      ...but the term “star witness” is used in books and movies far more often than in real live, and almost never by someone who works in the criminal justice system.

      Originally posted by BlueLineStand View Post
      You’re willingly and openly refusing to act 10-2.
      Again, since when do you make the rules here?
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        Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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