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    I was recently diagnosed with hepatitis B by a random drug test. I have no idea how I got it and did'nt even know I had it. I am one step away from being hired with the city of Los Angeles as either LAPD Port police or Airport police. Will this prevent me from being hired in?

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    Your best shot is to ask the agency you're applying to. It's not that unusual for public safety employees to be HepB positive, as the work brings them into close contact with infected people, and the infection is easily transmitted. That's why it was mandated in the 80s that certain occupational classes (including cops) be offered HepB vaccinations at no cost. The biggest concerns an employer would have would be your potential to infect other employees and the risk that you will develop symptoms and be unable to work. However, your status might also put you in a protected class under the ADA. Go to the outfit(s) where you are applying and be candid. It will save you both a lot of time and grief.
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      what Tim Dees said and

      go see your own doctor, get a second testing to confirm and get on a treatment (shots) plan..... don't wait, do it now.

      good luck.
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