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Retirement Question (NY)


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  • Retirement Question (NY)

    Anyone here know anything about the NYS Retirement System?

    I keep hearing different things regarding this. I’m trying to figure out if going from the Police and Fire system to a sheriffs office system, if your time counts on the front end or back end?

    I did the last 5 years, full time civil service, in Police and Fire for a city here in NY, and just transferred to a local sheriffs office. I’m currently Tier 6. Does my 5 years go on the front and I’m eligible after 15 years or do I have to complete 20 now and at 20 I’ll have 25 in?

    Thanks I’m advance!

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    Post it here

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      Yeah I did that yesterday but received no responses after 110 views. Was looking for a broader group to see if someone would have any information.


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        The best way to get answers to these questions is call them.
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          Probably something you should have looked into before taking the new position as that's something important to know and definitely deciding factors. Good luck!


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            It is pretty easy to figure out. If you left a police job outside NYC and took a position in a Sheriff’s Dept., good chance they are in the same pension system. Quick call to the Pension people can answer all your questions.


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