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    I am looking for some general opinions pertaining to driving/defensive driving school, as well as thoughts about the following:

    My driving record is not good. In the last 7 years I have been cited for assured clear distance (2003) and failure to maintain present lane (2006). Is it worth my time to take a defensive driving class voluntarily? Will this have any effect during my upcoming hiring process? If so, how do I incorporate into my BI that I have completed such a class?


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    What is "assured clear distance"?
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      I'm assuming that you are planning on applying for police jobs. Traffic school is not going to do a thing for you in that regard. Traffic school might reduce the number of points on your license or keep your insurance rates from going up as much, but any LE agency is still going to know about your traffic citations. If you have only had two since 2003, that doesn't strike me as an especially bad record. None would be better, but two isn't that bad. If these two were only the top hits from a long repertoire, then your best bet is to hold off on the application process for a while and start living right. Everything counts on a BI. There are no do-overs or doesn't counts. Further, it's probably much worse to get turned down for a bad BI then not to apply until you can show a record of good conduct. If you go for the BI now and fail it, you're going to have two things to explain at the next go-around.
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