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  • Police Academy Bag

    I think I am going to need to purchase some sort of gear bag for transporting books to and from class (commuter academy). I talked to a student who just previously went through it, and he stated that most of the recruits use police duty type of gear bags. Can anyone recommend something? I was just going to use a backpack, but I guess I'd look like a moron. What did most of you LEO's use?

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    I used a book/laptop bag..a bit similar to this, but a lot less expensive.
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      You might consider checking out a police supply store. If you have alot of books to cart around a good patrol bag might come in handy and after the academy you could use it as a patrol bag for your squad car. They come in different sizes.

      The laptop computer bag is also an excellent idea.
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        Well, if you're going to need a police bag when you get out then go ahead and buy one. I used mine to carry my DVDs back and forth when I came home on the weekends. However, I've always found it whimsically odd to see people purchasing things for their chosen occupation when they don't really need them.

        For example, back in my fling with EMS, I was in paramedic school with a guy who would come to class dressed in EMS related apparel with a virtual "duty belt" of EMS related items. He didn't work (and never has) as an EMT or anything, yet he wore it everywhere he went, and instead of a portable radio he had a walkie talkie style CB.

        To this end, in the police academy, we wore academy t-shirts, and camouflage BDU pants. Some guys felt the need to clip their badges on their belt letting us all know they were cops. Forget the fact that you couldn't be there if you weren't a cop. I never wore mine. We affectionately call them "gear queers."


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