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Applying to too many agencies?


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  • Applying to too many agencies?

    I am looking to apply within the next 6 months and have been narrowing my choices down. Does it look bad if I apply to a lot of departments? I've been looking at departments in VA and FL.
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    I'd suggest coming up with a real good answer to "Why do you want to work for this department?" It's a slam dunk that they're going to ask.
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      The "shotgun" approach to hiring on with a department is frowned on by most departments. Starting a background procedure on an individual is time consuming and expensive, especially for a smaller department. These departments don't look kindly at someone who is willing to settle for any old department just to get a toe in the law enforcement door.
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        What are you going to do when two or three agencies want you to come in for one of the tests at the same time? And when they ask you if you've applied to other agencies, be completely honest.
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          I applied to everything that I could, but also took into consideration exactly what my career goals were which helped to narrow down my search. Do your research on departments first, it will help you in your possible areas of employment and will also help you in interviews as you will be able to tie those career goals into your statements.

          And as was said by sarge, BE HONEST, in everything. They WILL find out and it is much better for you to be honest in your application and in your job.

          Good luck with your search.
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