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Animal Control Officers?


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  • Animal Control Officers?

    What is the deal with these guys? I see them on animal planet and i was wondering if they are a branch off of the police force or if they are a completely different organization. Also, if anybody knows, what is it really like for them because i know that tv shows always make the job seem a lot more interesting.

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    The armed guys are ASPCA. I always thought it was kind of a corney deal, but for 9 months now thats all i have been able to watch on a regular basis that deals wih LE. It seems a little touchy feely for me, but sombody has to take care of the animal stuff because I dont want to. google ASPCA i am sure they have a page.
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      I have no idea what its like being one of those guys. Our county has sworn SPCA peace officers and they handle the majority of the animal complaints (also seen them back up units on potentially hot calls when they are in the area and other backup is miles away).

      Most city's, towns, villages in the county also have dog control officers to handle the MANY dog complaints that are received. Of course the shows on tv are glorified just like on COPS you won't see the officers doing all the paperwork after the "excitement" of the arrest.

      I can imagine that those who do it find the work rewarding, otherwise why do it?


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        I was an ACO before becoming a cop, and I wouldn't go back for anything. Police work is a piece of cake compared to animal control.


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          I too was an ACO before becoming a Police Service Tech. It's a tough job, but there was a lot less responsibility/chance of getting sued or fired. We were unarmed, and had only the basic certifications that allowed us to issue citations. There were a few guys that were really gung-ho and carried handcuffs, but I never did.

          There is NO glamor in that job. You're either chasing pitbulls around with a snare pole and a taser, or you're flinging roadkill into the back of the truck. It's a job nobody wants, so the hours are long. They pay was pretty decent though- our hourly rates were dismal, but there was plenty of overtime and standby pay, and guys like me that wrote a LOT of citations were in court all the time. It's a good job to get a start with your local LE agency like I did, as some police departments also run the local Animal Control agency.

          If you're interested, check out this site:

          There's a lot of good info about the job, and there's a lot of great folks on there that can answer any question you might have.


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