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  • EVOC - Police Academy

    I'm just curious how difficult the driving portion of the police academy was for all of you LEO's? Did you have people that failed that area or the firearms portion? Is there anyway to prepare for the EVOC testing?

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    Best way to prepare for EVOC is just pay attention in class. Its taught in a crawl, walk, run format. You shouldn't have any problems unless driving is something that is foreign to you to begin with.


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      honestly- one word in the end: FUN
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        It was the best part of the college.....also the part that had the mst failures...But since we all had to be hired to attend those that failed mostly got more practice..



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          I am the current record holder for the greatest number of orange cones knocked down/run over during the high speed backing portion of EVOC at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. I am sure that my record will continue to stand for years to come. Other than that EVOC can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience.
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            I hated Evoc. Didnt think it was fun at all. No failures though, had great instructors.

            Tactics had the most failures.

            To not fail firearms, just remember DRY practice everyday. KEY WORD IS DRY !!! Always make sure that gun is unloaded when you do.


            If you get carsick, take less drowsy dramamine the night before you have evoc.

            **I just noticed the huge banner at the top regarding getting banned. I've been through and completed a Police Academy so please dont ban me. Just delete my post if its not allowed**
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              Just pay attention during instruction and you'll be fine. It's supposed to be a fun block of instruction. Have fun. Think of it this way....At least youre not getting OC sprayed today. I hope.
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                I've been through both LAPD and LASD EVOC courses. I had a BLAST at each one. The best one (most comprehensive and fun) was LAPD's course. I'm a car guy. I have a bunch of Mustangs, which I show and legally drag race at the track. So, a road course is naturally gonna float my boat. If I could do it again, I would do it on my own time!


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                  Vehicle Opps

                  I instruct the NJ version of this course and have done so since 1995 when it first became part of academy training. In fact I'm now a senior instructor and it's considered the best part of academy training by a majority of the recruits.

                  We work with people until they get it....the failure rate doesn't even register in comparsion to firearms or PT.

                  We do six component exercises then a cumlative course that is timed and required that no cones be hit.


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                    Easily the best part of the academy( firearms is great also). Everyday afterwards,we all sat back and said " I can't believe we are getting paid for this"

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                      EVOC is great. It's one of the better parts of the academy, right up there with firearms. We didn't lose anyone to EVOC, so it won't be a problem for you unless of course.. you've never driven a car before.


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                        Drive fast, hit a few cones, do a few push-ups....that is what EVOC is about!
                        there's always some idiot trying to ice skate up hill


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                          There have been times that have created grief, as when a recruit rolls a cruiser in the 180 turn during the pursuit portion, or funny, when one fully loses control in the skid pan and does several 360s.
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