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Unwritten rules Civilians should know...


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  • Unwritten rules Civilians should know...

    Since the "Unwritten rules Rookies should know..." thread was such a hit, why not tell us Civilians how we can make everyone’s life easier? Do you have a solution to a common call that is a waste of time for officers to answer? Maybe a pet peeve or two that you hate, but everyone you pull over does anyways? Here is your chance to tell us. Keep it as serious or sarcastic as you wish.
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    Not a LEO.

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    This is a written rule but for some reason a lot of people don't understand it.

    Please, for the love of God, when you see an emergency vehicle, pull over to the right if at all humanly possible. Don't pull to the left. Don't just stop. Do not pull into the center lane of the street. Do not stop in the middle of the interstate. Do not pull into the median. Move to the right and let me through. There is a very good reason why I have my lights flashing and sirens blaring.


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      Don't tell me what the law is and how to do my job. If you know so much, why don't you go through the academy, field training, probation, put in your time, be a detective and FTO, get promoted and get stripes on your sleeves.

      I don't need to hear your theories about how the Mexicans committed the crime you are reporting. There were no witnesses to the burglary or theft. Therefore, it is impossible for you to make that assertion. If you know so much about who did it, then why don't you have the suspect in custody?

      Don't waste our time calling to report someone as suspicious just because he is a black man walking down your street. This isn't South Africa, and he doesn't need permission to be in your neighborhood.

      Unless you have done my job, you don't know what we put up with and go through.

      Keep a record of the stuff you have. Brand, model, serial number, color, accessories, value. If at some point down the road, we are searching some crankster's house and come across a camera, which missing property sheet do you think we would rather be able to compare it against:
      -"Camera, unknown brand, digital"
      -"Camera, Nikon CoolPix 2100, S/N23330044X34"
      -"Misc. tools in red toolbox"
      -"Tools, Snap-On 3/8" ratchet wrench with SAE (3/8" - 7/8") and metric (10mm-17mm) sockets; Craftsman combination wrenches (metric - 10mm-17mm); Craftsman #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers, red/blue/clear handles. Ratchet and combo wrenches have victim's initials - JRB - on handles. Toolbox is Craftsman, red, with Summit Racing, KOME radio, and Snap-On stickers."

      If you realize your kid is not in the house and possibly missing, the first thing you do is cal 911. Do not try and organize your own search party, don't start calling neighbors, don't spend an hour looking before you call us. If the kid is really missing, time is critical, and the sooner we can be on scene and organizing a real search, the sooner you will have your child back home.

      I don't care that you know the sheriff. I know him too, talk to him every day, and know that he wants me to write tickets to people who run stop signs.

      If you happen to be a POS doper who is working as a snitch for some narc, I don't care. You work it out with him that I just arrested you, because it isn't my game. If he wants to get the DA to work out some deal so you go free, fine, but I won't be part of it.

      If you see coppers with guns drawn, standing behind cover, a helicopter circling, more sirens coming in from all over town and a cop yelling at you to go inside, don't walk up and ask what is going on.

      If you are manager of a trailer court or apartment complex, no, we don't have to check in with you before we talk to any of your tenants.

      The fact that you were a reserve officer for some agency three counties away for six month in 1974 does not impress me.

      Don't ever tell your kids some crap like if they don't eat their vegetables or some other trivial BS, that I will come and take them away. Tell them that, and I will tell the kids that I don't like vegetables, either, and look how big and strong I turned out to be (which I guarantee is a damned sight farther than the idiot parents).

      No, sorry, I don't know your buddy Bob who is a cop in New York. We are 3,000 miles and 600,000 cops away from him.
      Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

      I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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        For the love of god, DON'T approach me and ask me something if I'm obviously busy. I'm also sick of the "oh my god you're so mean " face that you give when I'm short with you for asking me some trivial question when I'm pre-occupied.

        If you were in my shoes, you would feel the same way, trust me.
        -Traffic stops are not a good time to walk up to my car.
        -If I'm talking to somebody and writing something down in a little notebook, then I'm probably busy.
        -ditto on the gun.

        Seems that the more emotional types like to touch people on the arm/shoulder when emphasizing something...please don't, it creeps me out. That's just me personally, now I'm ranting...


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          The time to ask me for directions is not on the side of the interstate when I've got someone pulled out of a vehicle and are searching them.

          I'm not your baby, honey, or sugar. Sir or Officer work just fine. If you have a problem with that you can take it up with my wife.

          Please, Please, Please.. You do not have to impress me in traffic by going ten under the speed limit in the left lane. I'm not impressed that you are a super safe driver. I'm just annoyed.


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            The fact that you may be a taxpayer is irrelevant to me.
            I’ll die with blue in my veins.


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              If you're a POS doper don't come up to me and tell me you are thinking of going to the academy and becoming a police officer WHEN YOU'RE STONED! . All you're doing is giving yourself away. Wait, check that, come on over, I'll be happy to talk to you.
              "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything!"-Wyatt Earp

              "You never know when crazy will show up!"-Irishdep


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                Originally posted by C-Charlie42 View Post
                The time to ask me for directions is not on the side of the interstate when I've got someone pulled out of a vehicle and are searching them.

                I'm not your baby, honey, or sugar. Sir or Officer work just fine. If you have a problem with that you can take it up with my wife.

                Please, Please, Please.. You do not have to impress me in traffic by going ten under the speed limit in the left lane. I'm not impressed that you are a super safe driver. I'm just annoyed.
                Your from Mississippi and dont like to be called Sugar? Isnt that another way of saying "SIR" down there. Last time I checked we were suppose to say sir and ma'am. Guess I was raised different.

                Dont use 911 to seek revenge on your neighbor because his dog took a dump in your yard. thats not what its for. If you lend your car out for Crack and dont get it back, its not stolen. Dont call and report it as such. Eggs will come off of your car with out removing the paint. use soap. Its not a federal crime when you mail box gets smashed, I will not call the FBI. If your crazy, stay in the house. If you must go outside, please write yourself a note reminding yourself to put pants on. If your ex girlfriend is in Florida at the time the damage was done to your car, it means she did not do it. please dont call me repeatedly and tell me she did. I know that when somebody cant look me in the eye and tell me what they have to tell me that they are lying their rear end off. Dont expect me to believe you and get ****ed when I dont. lastly, being a cop is a bunch of fun, dont ruin it for me by being stupid.
                It takes a Wolf.......


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                  Please don't refer to your CSI knowledge when you report your tool shed broken into. We really don't collect DNA from shop rags that have been disturbed. Sorry, but we really don't.
                  Hey, this is fun!
                  "If all else fails, stop using all else!"


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                    If you're a POS "traveler" who has just traveled to see a kid you met on the Internet for sex and we take you into custody, don't be an idiot and try to convince us that all you tried to do is warn the kid about Internet predators.

                    We know different, and we have the evidence to prove it.


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                      Stay IN the car when you get pulled over. I'd be more than happy to see you splattered across the highway, but I don't want to do the paperwork on it.

                      If I told you that I saw you do something wrong or you're acting like a ******, then you did. Don't argue with me about it. Keep your mouth shut, apologize, and most of the time I'll go away. If you want to argue, you'll be seeing me all night- through mucus covered iron bars.

                      If your kid got punched in the face after calling some other kid names, then he brought it upon himself. I'm not going to feel sympathy for the little ****, and don't expect me to.
                      What Delta said x2


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                        If you are going to call the police about suspicious activity, please tell me what makes it suspicious. Don't do the "There are 3 black kids riding bikes and they do not belong here...they are suspicious". Ok...there are 3 kids on bikes..did you see them looking in cars? Looking in houses? One acting as a lookout and the other two disappear? What makes them suspicious other then they are black juveniles on bikes?

                        If you see me with my gun out...do not walk up to me and try to ask me a question. I have my gun out for a reason....do not ask me for directions when on a felony traffic stop...or ask me whats going on. Our guns our out...its not good.

                        Do not invite your ex-boyfriend over for dinner....and then call us when you want him to leave. If you did not want him there, then you should not have invited him over.

                        And a pet peeve from yesterday. If you go to your local bank and there are 6 police cars in the parking lot, including one blocking the entrance...do not drive the wrong way through the bank exit and then try to go into the bank. When a police car is blocking that exit to keep those people out, do not park your car on the street and then come up to say "Is the bank open?" Obviously a ton of cops running around the bank means something bad has happened. Look at the police cars and say to yourself "Oh...something has happened here" and then go to another branch or an ATM..and then look in the local newspaper for what happened.


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                          I understand you have to make a living, but please don't do it breaking federal law!

                          "But sir, I'm out on the water, its not like i'm driving my car" Your driving a boat, its called boating under the influence, and its the same as a DUI!!


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                            This one is directed towards waitresses and restaurant managers. When LEO attempts to pay for his meal, for the love of Pete, don't scream at top of your lungs..."cops eat free here!" (this should be kept secret)
                            "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson



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                              Taking a free coke every once in a while doesnt make me a crooked cop, me beating your *** in the alley behind the gas station after you point out that you think it does, might, but only if I steal your wallet afterwards.

                              Disclaimer: I wold never take a free coke.
                              It takes a Wolf.......


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