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In need of some duty gear.


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  • In need of some duty gear.

    As most of you know, I am going to be going through the Academy in about 2 weeks. I ordered some 5.11 BDU (black) pants today from I also went to a local police store and bought a pair of Danner Striker 45 GTX boots. I really like the Danner's, they feel great. I am, however, in need of a belt to go with my BDU's. Can anyone recommend a decent belt? Also, what do all of the LEO's think of the Danners?


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    I haven't tried the Danners boots, but I do have a pair of Original S.W.A.T. boots that I wear everyday.

    As far as belts, you can't go wrong with a 5.11 Operator's Belt. I think they run about $30 and you can wear them with your off-duty clothing as well.

    Good luck in the academy. I just got done with it myself.


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      Originally posted by JLH81 View Post
      I am, however, in need of a belt to go with my BDU's. Can anyone recommend a decent belt?
      You had best check with the academy staff to see what they require here. They may specify a cloth web belt, a plain leather belt, a basketweave leather belt, etc.
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        Danner Acadia's- I have three pairs and they are the only thing I wear on my feet working.
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