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Overdevelopment in your work area.


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  • Overdevelopment in your work area.

    Good afternoon, everybody!

    Yesterday, I was traveling down a busy roadway that runs through my neighborhood. During my drive, I started noticing that all the vacant pieces of land that once existed are now being paved over to make way for banks, apartments, and MORE WAL-MARTS(We already have 3 within a 5-mile radius of each other)!!!! I live in Maimi, and the "building boom" is getting out of control. I know that development can bring lots of positives to a community, but also lots of negatives from a crime standpoint, as well(More burglaries, crimes, traffic congestion, etc). So, I wanted to find out from police officers who may be experiencing "overdevelopment" in their patrol areas, has the epidemic had an effect on crimes rates in your work area, and how do you feel about it? Thanks!
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    Over Development.

    Didn't know there was any more vacant land in the Miami area. While development brings many advantages to an area, there is always a downside. That often is an increase in crime, traffic congestion, polution, and the list goes on. Don't know what to advise you short of moving, or trying to make the best of the situation.


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      Feast or Famine Curse of Law Enforcement

      It is sort of what I call the Feast or Famine Curse of Law Enforcement. Either you work on a shift or for an agency that is constantly running from call to call or you are bored out of your mind the entire shift with nothing to do. I think the key is to find the right level of activity. I personally happen to think that either extreme would get old quickly. As fun as it can be running from call to call, it is fatiguing. And my experience has been that when it gets real busy and calls start stacking up, that by the time you get to many calls whatever they called about is gone on arrival/unable to locate, etc. anyway. (And, of course, few complainants seem to have the foresight to call back if the police are no longer needed or the situation changes in some other respect prior to arrival.) The other extreme of boredom is also a drag. I was a deputy assigned to court security/bailiff years ago and it was about as boring as I have ever been as a cop. I have also worked 8 or 10 hour patrol shifts where I NEVER got a call, never found a car to stop, nothing. I also understand the "grass is greener concept". If you are working a slow car you are practically begging for something to do. If you are in a busy zone you would almost kill to have a quiet shift for a change. Again, when I was on patrol I would work a little traffic, snap up a few warrants, etc. I personally like having the opportunity to kick up stuff on my own. Yet I know other guys that if they never got a call, they wouldn't do a damned thing all shift. That is one of the big reasons I like doing what I do now, which is civil process. I know it sounds boring to most other cops, but it is a great gig. I have a take home car, set my own hours, wear plain clothes, etc. I serve a few papers, run in on the hot calls to back up others guys and gals, and then arrest a few folks on warrants.


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        Originally posted by PhilosophyNerd View Post
        During my drive, I started noticing that all the vacant pieces of land that once existed are now being paved over....

        What's a vacant piece of land????? We have none. They just keep building higher and higher!!
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