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  • Diabetic Officers

    hey guys, Im a hs student in NH. I was reading on the site about the diabetic officer in massachusetts who was offered a job, but then terminated once they found out he was on a insulin pump. I know about 6 officers who are diabetic and on the pump. Ive been diabetic for 16 years, diagnosed when I was 17 months. And going to go to college for CJA. But yeaaa just wanted to know what you guys thought about that? I personally think its ridiculous especially if you are capable of doing the job, and take good care of yourself. id understand if the candidate was in poor control, because then its more of a liability. Anyways let me know what you guys think


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    There are a lot of officers who's agencies have been forced to hire them after initial disqualification due to a "hidden handicap." If they can perform the job without being an immediate threat to their safety or the safety of others, I believe they shouldn't be DQ'd. It's all about trying to eliminate as much chance as possible that the officer will take an IOD retirement prematurely. I've seen a lot of early retirements over the years and the vast majority were caused by unforeseen incidents (traffic collisions/fights/trip&falls,etc...). I was diagnosed with an asymptomatic medical condition when I first attempted to get into law enforcement. With more than 30 years in LE now and nearing retirement, it's never caused a problem- other than having to fight for the career I wanted.
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