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0083 w/FLETC or 0085 at higher GS w/TSSCI?


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  • 0083 w/FLETC or 0085 at higher GS w/TSSCI?

    Hello there,
    I’m looking at two different positions that opened up on the West Coast, one for a 0083 position with a Secret Clearance at GS-3 capped at GS-6, the other one is a 0085 position with a Top Secret Clearance at GS-5 capped at GS-7.

    The 0083 position pushes people through FLETC, the 0085 pushes recruits through some kind of on base school.

    I compared pay between both and they are pretty even. 0083 base + locality at GS-3 is at 1.16 multiplier, at GS-4 onward it’s a 1.26 multiplier because they don’t get the LE retirement. 0085 doesn’t get that +.10 multiplier but the base with a 1.16 multiplier at GS-5 exceeds what a 0083 makes at GS-3. As time passes they are both pretty close where they get capped.

    What I’m trying to figure out is what would be more worthwhile, spending the next two years as a 0083, going to FLETC, getting a Secret Clearance OR going the 0085 route, going to Guard School and getting a TS/SCI? What would be the best overall bet for me that will help me get in with a better organization that pays more in the long run?


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    Apply for both positions. There’s nothing that guarantees you’ll get selected for either one.
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      I'd take the 0083 position over the 0085 if your goal is law enforcement. A FLETC cert will make it easy to transfer to a more desirable LE job. The guard job won't do anything for your resume.


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