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Policing difference between CA and East coast “Red States”


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  • Policing difference between CA and East coast “Red States”

    Being a cop in SoCal I’m constantly amazed at the lack of CA laws allowing for arrests. Even in an incident where we arrest the susp is released within a few hours from the jail.

    I’m curious about how other states, specifically GA since I have family there, handle arrests and what the average jail time looks like.

    For example CA is very tough on DV, if there is any contact, say a strike or slap, we arrest. How about DUI, we’ll if there are no injuries there released within a few hours, after sobering up that is. And juveniles have to kill someone to be booked in juv hall, since CA law does not believe a minor can be held responsible for there actions, same as a mentally handicapped person.

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    Are you asking about arrest authorities or detention policies?

    People get arrested all the time in California. Each jail only holds so many folks. So...people get released. Plus, if you have to decide to hold someone, who gets held? The murderer or the non injury DUI? What about the gang leader or the rapist? Commercial burglar or residential burglar? This game is played regularly and in some jails in California, it’s an hourly game!
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      That's a pretty broad question. Depts are so different. What is ignored in Atlanta (I promise) will get you a weekend in jail in other Metro Atlanta areas. Atlanta uses the Fulton County Jail. The jail is grossly overcrowded. Hence, a lot of arrestees get signature bonds. I've seen someone in for murder bond out.
      The City Jail was recently closed by the Mayor in order to create a kind of 'growth' center for homeless people and others that are repeat offenders for quality of life type offenses.
      This makes the County Jail even more crowded.
      It sounds good on paper but people don't go to jail for openly urinating in a doorway on a busy street in the middle of the day any longer. (Dude, you can't go behind the building?!)

      DV is also taken very seriously. Usually if the primary aggressor can't be determined, it's whomever has visible physical marks (victim). They don't bond out until they see a judge.

      Please keep in mind I'm referring only to the City of Atlanta.
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        This even varies from county to county within the same state.

        Arrests I made up in the mountains wouldn't fly where I work now.
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          In GA it depends on the charge. If I'm getting warrants on them they usually stay in until the warrant is signed and they see the judge. For municipal ordinances and traffic related offenses they can bond out right away.

          Juveniles usually don't get detained over night unless they get a felony and score high enough. I don't know how the scoring is calculated. I've had some with just a burglary charge get detained and some don't. We call the Department of Juvenile Justice, tell them the charges and they call us back with their decision to detain or not.

          Just to clarify they can get arrested like adults but instead of taking them to jail, we take them to the office where we do the juvenile complaint form and call DJJ.

          Seventeen years olds get processed like adults and go to jail.


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