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  • Homeless Beating


    I know homeless beatings are a common occurrence, especially in urbanized areas, but seeing kids as young as 10 being involved in something that brutal is a bit disturbing to say the least.

    Questions: Have any of you responded to an assault on a homeless person? If so, how old were the offenders? Are these beatings usually drug related, or seemingly unprevoked attacks such as the report above suggests?

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    The Daytona area has A LOT of homeless (unfortunately the Orlando area is starting to look that way too), and there have been a lot of batteries on the homeless there lately. Things like BumFights and the such show that the homeless aren't people and that you can do whatever you want with them, so it really doesn't surprise me.

    Definately not being pro-homeless or anything... but like I said it definately doesn't surprise me.


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      Unfortunately homeless people are usually unwilling to file charges as they just don’t want to get involved with the judicial system. They are a big target since they live in the streets. More than likely it’s other homeless people doing the beating.


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        The So Cal city where I work is known for it's massive homeless population. We're warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than a couple of miles further inland. They (homeless) are constantly being beaten, usually by other homeless. Reasons: Drugs, Booze, Money (for drugs or booze) and did I mention Drugs? Really, many are mentally disturbed and this also contributes to the problem. But as stated, the vast majority of incidents involve either homeless vs homeless or homeless (beating) innocent citizen. I have never seen citizen(s) beating homeless as sport, although (like you) have read about it in the news. I can only relate to that situation as a "Man bites dog" type story.
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