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Going on a ridealong! any advise?


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  • Going on a ridealong! any advise?

    Im going on a ride along next friday (the 3pm-11pm shift out of the Towson Precinct in Baltimore County!!! ). I was wondering what I maybe should expect during the ride along. I was also maybe wondering if there were some do's and dont's of a ride along so I dont **** off the officer I am riding with.

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    What a great shift to do a ride. As far as advice, you probably get the same old worn out tips like "Shut up and Listen".

    I would recommend asking questions and making small talk. Also, dont drible when you use the latrine, its hard to explain. Take some cash, I know I dont like buying people I dont know dinner. Dont talk about pets, he or she will think your nutz. Wear clean underwear just in case. Dress nice, dont wear black BDU pants and a t-shirt that says killem all and let god sortem out. Dont get a flat top just for this occasion. Leave your gun at home, there are enough in the car already. Dont talk about your criminal exploits if you have any, just not good conversation. The shift starts at 3 dont show up at 1, it will be weird.

    Good Luck.
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      Ride Along.

      Pretty good advice in the previous post. Dress is generally casual. That doesn't mean cut offs and thongs. Sport shirt, polo shirt will do nicely. Wear some decent trousers, and appropriate shoes. Be clean shaven, and properly groomed.


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        Check the "search" link...there are a ton of do's and don'ts.
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