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felony stalking


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  • felony stalking

    On another message board I belong to, a members family claims he is in jail for felony stalking, and are asking for donations for bail money. Here is the story:

    Supposedly he got mouthy with someone on the phone at his health insurance company (he is diabetic) and they dropped his coverage. He then tracked down the owner of the company, and called him at his house numerous times. Was not told to stop calling but left numerous messages. We don't know what these messages were, but lets assume the worst. Lets say he was threatening them in the messages. Would that get him put in jail on felony stalking charges at 50,000 dollars bail, where he is locked in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day? It doesn't add up to me, at least not the solitary confinement part. They claim he is in holding, but I thought that solitary confinement was only for violent offenders who actually physically harmed someone and also misbehaved in prison which is why they were in solitary.

    The reason I ask all this is I am concerned he is scamming money out of the people on the board, they have already raised 700 dollars for him. Also, if he didn't threaten the guy, but simply left numerous messages for him on his home answering machine, and was not told to stop calling, and no restraining order was filed, could he still be facing all these charges?

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    Of course it's a scam!!! Duh??
    "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" -George Orwell

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      Yes, it's a scam! Get the address and name and report them to their local PD.
      "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything!"-Wyatt Earp

      "You never know when crazy will show up!"-Irishdep


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        Felony Stalking

        Refrain from an old song: "It may be true for all I know, but it sounds like Bull to me".


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          Yep, sounds like a scam to me, too!! It meets no criteria for stalking...and the claim is felony stalking?? That's a double Yep on the scam!!


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            Originally posted by irishdep
            Yes, it's a scam! Get the address and name and report them to their local PD.
            Didn't know it was a crime, I will definitely do that.

            Question though, what is the worst that can happen to you if you did actually make threats to someone on their answering machine like that? I am wondering if there are any facts to the story at all or if maybe they are just exaggerating.


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              Look up the Michigan Statute on Harrassing or Threatening Communications.


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