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Can an officer drop a ticket?


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  • Can an officer drop a ticket?

    Is it possible that an officer can feel compelled to drop a ticket before the court date or does he/she do it by simply not showing up?

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    Not showing up for a scheduled court appearance would end up with written discipline for the officer in most cases. If it's an appearance for which the officer was subpeonaed, technically the officer could be found in Contempt of Court.

    For the most part, once the citation is filed with the prosecutor, it's the prosecutor's decision to drop it or not. The officer can request that the prosecutor drop the charge, but the prosecutor is in no way obligated to do so.
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      No in my jurisdiction if I give some one a coupon then the only person that can dismiss or void that coupon is the county attorney. That is written policy because then when Mr. Whiny Pants wants to come in and complains about it and wants the Sheriff to "void" it for him, ya know because hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge, the Sheriff tells him he'll have to talk to the county attorney about it. Saves alot of BS in the long run for us.
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      I still think troopers and deputies who work in the middle of no where with essentially no back up are the 'men among men' of the LEO world.
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      as far as your social experiment, if we cant film you then you cant film us, we will arrest you for obstruction of our freedom.


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        Can Officer "Drop" Ticket?

        Alabama Department of Public Safety has a procedure in which a Trooper can "Void" a citation. To do this, he attaches the entire citation to a form which explains why he is voiding the citation. The Trooper does not need a Supervisor's authorization to void a citation. Conversely, a Supervisor cannot order a Trooper to void a citation. The voided citation, along with the required voided citation form, is turned in along with all of the Trooper's citations and reports. For accountability purposes, the "voided" citation is kept on file for a period of three years, as I recall. The option you mentioned, of simply not showing up for court, isn't recommended. As noted, you could be cited for contempt, and even if that doesn't happen, you're probably looking at some form of disciplinary action.


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          Yes, I can drop a ticket. I wrote it I can dismiss it.

          Simple process. I can either write void really big on all 6 copies minus the one I issued and drop and email to the boss about why. This is what I usually do because after I write void on it no one can argue with me, the ticket says VOID across the entire thing. Then the ticket never gets sent to the traffic court and when the guy or gal shows up no one knows why they are there. I usually get a call shortly after that and I advise them the ticket was voided and I add one more to the Irishluck fan club.

          I could contact the magistrate and tell him or her I am dismissing the ticket. They dont argue much, they just like the courtsey.

          To avoid all this hassel I just dont write tickets, unless the arrest requires it, at that point it doesnt matter.
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            Once I turn in the copies of the ticket, it's out of my hands. If it's a civil infraction and I am summoned to a hearing, I am not required to go. Failure to appear will result in a default judgment for the defendant. Once the ticket's copies are in to the court, that's the only way.


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