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Friendly Spirits and UFOs: Real or Really Whack


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  • Friendly Spirits and UFOs: Real or Really Whack

    I've never been a believer in space aliens or ghosts or loch ness monsters. While I enjoy a good spooky movie as much as anyone, my suspension of disbelief ends as soon as I leave the theater. And I can't tell you how many times I've quickly dismissed someone as a loon as soon as they started telling me about their paranormal or ET experiences….

    But a couple of recent events has me questioning if I'm in the wrong....

    A month ago, I took my family on summer vacation for a week. We (wife and two kids) rented an Airbnb near a national park. What was portrayed as a 'cabin in the woods' online turned out to be a single wide trailer with some additions, but it was very clean and close to all the attractions. After a few days of hiking, boating, renting atvs and playing miniature golf, we decided to spend an afternoon inside and watch a movie, the latest Star Wars yarn "Solo".

    My family was on the couch against a wall and I was sitting in a recliner. The tv was in front of all of us but only I could see down the hallway to an open bedroom, maybe thirty feet away.

    After the movie began, I noticed a flickering white light coming upward from behind the bed in the room. The light would dim and strengthen and dance against the wall. Earlier I had noticed little nightlights with photoelectric sensors in some of the electrical sockets and so I thought, "one of those little nightlights must have shorted out. After the movie ends, I’ll go unplug it so it doesn’t keep flickering.” The pulsing light continued for twenty minutes or so and was a distraction that kept catching my eye.

    An hour or so later, the movie ended and I walked back to the bedroom to pull the nightlight. The hair stood up on the back of my neck when I looked behind the bed: there was no nightlight. There wasn’t even an electrical socket on the wall.

    I was not drinking alcohol or on psychotrophic medication. I don’t believe in divinations and demons and dragons. I’m a grown a** man who believes in what can be seen and touched.

    But this was visceral enough that I am still trying to wrap my head around it a month later. Was the home built on an old Indian burial ground? Did someone’s life end tragically there? Was a friend (who died fairly recently) saying hello from the other side??

    Parallel situation: space aliens. I’ve always believed- and this goes back to church sermons from childhood- that we were created in God’s image and no higher creature existed other then humans on Earth. But science is continuing to discover other planets capable of hosting life and in a galaxy with 300 billion stars in a universe with 100 billion galaxies, it’s not that far fetched to consider the possibility that non-Earth creatures with advanced technologies may exist.

    This week, the U.S. Navy confirmed there are objects flying about at very high altitudes and they don’t know what the heck is occurring. Birds? Weather satellites? Chinese spy UAVs? Or drones from far far away, probing our neck of the woods for signs of life??


    So I'm re-evaluating my lifelong skepticism and outright denial that there's no such thing as the spirit world and UFOs. I open the discussion for counter arguments and persuasive first hand testimony.
    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    -Louis Pasteur

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    I figure, just from a purely statistical probability standpoint, there's extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe...the universe is just too big for Earth to be the only place where life formed. Now, have extraterrestrials visited Earth? That seems unlikely. All things considered, any species that has the technological capability to travel the vast distances necessary to visit us would probably have very little interest in the comparatively primitive shaved monkeys that are human beings...at best, we would probably be about as interesting as your average zoo exhibit.

    Supernatural stuff is a different story. I was raised Catholic and, even though I've drifted away from any organized religion, I still hold some of the beliefs. I also grew up in a 200+ year old farmhouse across the street from a cemetery and have seen some things that are difficult to explain. I'd consider myself open to the possibility...
    "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
    -Friedrich Nietzsche


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      When my grandmother was dying one of my uncles was sitting with her so she would not die alone. He said he saw an apparition of a man floating above my grandmother. After my grandmother passed he and my aunt were looking through some of grandma's old photo albums, and my uncle pointed to a picture and asked who "that man" was. My aunt told him that that was grandma's real dad, and that he died when she was a small child. My uncle told her that was the man he saw floating above her bed. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. As I get older, I am more open to the possibility that there are things that we just don't know or understand.


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        We don’t have a complete grasp on what’s going on. We have a really good idea but there are still unanswered questions.

        I have slept in haunted places and felt nothing and been in open fields with no other humans around and had the hair on back of my neck stand straight up.

        I am interested in the gun camera videos from the Navy. That is a truly unexplained phenomenon.
        semper destravit


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          I worked in hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes prior to a career change. Combine this w/ a couple decades of policing. I have no doubt that there are 'spirits' about. As for UFOs, I think it's pretty arrogant and stupid to think the only life is that on earth.


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