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Acceptance into Police Academy!


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  • Acceptance into Police Academy!

    Well, I have been accepted into a Police Academy in WI. I am super excited. Although this is a self-sponsorship, I think that it will open up many doors for me. Anyway's, I wanted to get some LEO's opinions on what to expect the first day, and what they suggest bringing to class. Also, did you LEO's enjoy your Academy experience? Did it drag or go by fast?


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    First of all, congrats on being accepted! The first thing I would do is find someone who has just come out of the academy and ask them your questions. For me my first day was much like the military. Hurry up and wait. What to bring? Make sure you bring a small note pad and pen. The morning of my first day was spent on meeting the academy staff, going over academy rules and regs, expectations, and introducing yourself to your class with your name, what department your with, education, and any prior LEO experience, etc. If you have to report in an academy uniform, make sure it's pressed and your footwear is highly shined. Last, I enjoyed my academy experience. Every single day of it. Good luck to you and let us know how the first day goes.


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      First day is mostly paperwork and registration issues. The school should have given you a list of required items to bring with the packet. If not, get a hold of them and find out. For me the academy was slow and tedious on classroom days but a blast on practical days.


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        Which academy are you attending? For the Central Wisconsin academy, on the first day I brought a notebook and a pen. Surprisingly enough, when I arrived, I found a 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, a name tag/ID we wore every day, and a list of 10-codes and the phonetic alphabet. I'm probably forgetting a couple things too. We hadn't been given uniforms so I dressed semi-professionally and our first day was spent being introduced to the rules and regulations, the schedule, and what's expected of us. Later, a representative from Streichers was there to help us order our uniform and boots. Shirts were ordered from MSTC and each student had to order 2 short-sleeve shirts, 2 polo shirts, and a sweatshirt (optional).

        I enjoyed the academy greatly, I found it as being the best semester in school I ever had. Some days, like the classroom/lecture days will drag. DAAT, firearms, OC day, and EVO will go by pretty fast.

        By the way, congratulations on being accepted!


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