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How do you deal with the stresses of being a police officer?


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  • How do you deal with the stresses of being a police officer?

    And how do you know if you have what it takes to deal with the stress of the job?

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    Washing my brain out with beer at sunrise is an important part of my well-being.


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      Leave work at work, enjoy time off, hang out with family, do some video gaming if time allows.


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        Having a girlfriend helps to 'deal with the stresses of being a police officer'.


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          Yoga, swimming, alcohol, talking to friends.
          Think what you do in your off time that you enjoy and that's probably what you'll be doing as an officer.


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            Originally posted by Saluki89 View Post
            Having a girlfriend helps to 'deal with the stresses of being a police officer'.
            As long as your wife doesn't find out that should work pretty well.


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              Rule number 1: The people you meet on the job had problems before you showed up and will have problems after you finish up and leave. The problems are THEIR PROBLEMS, don't allow them to become your problems.

              Rule number 2: You may make a small difference to many people, and occasionally you may make a big difference to a few people, but you are never going to change peoples' lives very much.

              Rule number 3: Off duty means off duty. Maintain your family and friends contacts and live your life separate of the job. Do not bring your work home with you. Do not isolate yourself from the community. Do not allow yourself to get into the "US VERSUS THEM" mindset.

              Rule number 4: Your job is done when you have completed your reports and submitted everything to your superiors, prosecutors, courts, etc. The fact that your bosses, prosecuting attorneys, judges, juries, probation, parole, corrections departments, and other elements fail (in your estimation) to deal effectively with legitimate threats to the community IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM.

              Rule number 5: Don't sweat the small stuff.

              Rule number 6: Everything really is small stuff.

              Rule number 7: A hundred years from now no one you know will give a ****.

              Tired of writing now. Probably more wisdom around here somewhere, but it's time for a beer.


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                A hundred years from now, we will be viewed by society as cruel uneducated racists who beat minorities for pleasure and murdered brave freedom fighters who dared to change the system.

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              The simple answer is many people don’t.

              I would caution against using alcohol. There are *some* times when drinking is necessary. Most of the job does not rise to the level of alcohol consumption.

              As was mentioned above, continue to do what you do now. It’s when you stop doing your normal life and only follow Officer.com policeone and blue lives matter on FB and tune out everyone else as “them” that you start on the path to the dark side.
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              semper destravit


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                I gave up on making any more efforts to do what could be considered police work. It doesn’t matter if I get work done or if I cut out and go home when I decide it’s time to. They have to keep paying me and they can’t do a thing about it. I just speak my mind and post anything I want on social media and am untouchable by IA.

                Retirement is great!
                Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                  Bwahahahaha. Truth.
                  Now go home and get your shine box!


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                    I almost never socialize with anyone from work after work. I have hobbies, friends, and a life.


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                      Originally posted by Saluki89 View Post
                      Having a girlfriend helps to 'deal with the stresses of being a police officer'.
                      The wife does not agree


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                        Originally posted by DD312 View Post

                        The wife does not agree
                        They are not supposed to know about each other
                        Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

                        My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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                          RE: Alcohol

                          In the wise words of Homer Simpson, "Alcohol is the solution to, and the cause of, most of life's problems."

                          I'm neither a Baptist preacher or a teetotaler but I will say this: have guardrails up or things can go sideways...

                          I was speaking to a buddy recently from a mid-size department. Turns out the chief is a real scotch fan; single malts in particular. Word began to spread amongst the upper tier that if you want to be part of his circle of trust, be sure to give him a bottle of Talisker for Christmas. Or better yet, become one of his drinkin' buddies. Turns out three captains did just that; one progressed into a mid-day drinker and recently got arrested on the job by another department for DWI in his work vehicle. The chief, his best boozin' mate, fired him the next day. The other two captains have also become alcoholics, so basically the top of the pyramid is a bunch of sots. Good luck finding institutional accountability at the bottom when there isn't much at the top...

                          Crosspost to Don't Hang with People from Work Away from Work.

                          Chance favors the prepared mind.

                          -Louis Pasteur


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                            Sleep in when I can and watch a lot of comedies on TV or YouTube when I have the time.


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