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0083, Local Police, or both??


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  • 0083, Local Police, or both??

    Hello All,

    Wife was assigned to the Naval Station down here in Norfolk. The type of work I did up North didn’t translate at all down here, it’s an entirely different market. I finally landed a job making $45k+ after two months of being unemployed, but there is no retirement and I’m sick of working in sales.

    I’ve always wanted to become a police officer and at the same time set myself up so that no matter where we travelled to in the country, I would be able to easily get a job.
    The military has centers that assist veterans and spouses with finding work. They pointed me to a federal law enforcement career fair that was hiring for the military bases. My thought process was that if I get in with the Navy Police, get FLETC and work at a Base, That experience would enable me to easily work at other bases throughout the country or work for another federal police force if we get PCS’d five years from now somewhere else.
    Pay though looks like it’s severely lacking. GS-03-01, $27k a year. I passed the interview, passed the medical, passed the physical test. Looks like they want me to start next month.

    I also applied to Virginia Beach and Norfolk Police Departments. I passed the physical tests, written tests, and am waiting for the face to face interviews with the polygraph tests. Both have a six month academy and the pay is around $43k a year starting out.

    I’m torn right now on what I should do. There is a probationary period of two years with the Navy Police. They said there was a promotion promotion potential of up to GS-06 on the paperwork I received which would bump the pay up to $38k-ish, I’d have to double check the scale, but nobody could confirm when that would happen... If it’d happen after FLETC or if it was the mandatory time in to GS-04 after a year, then GS-05 the following year, then GS-06 three years in.. Or maybe not at all and I’d be looking at steps. Human Resources couldn’t answer those questions. They did say there is retirement though. Has anyone ever worked over here in the 0083 positions? Is it really $27k or do they toss additional money in overtime?
    Is it worth it to settle for less money now, work as a 0083 and quit after a year or ride it for two years after the probationary period has completed so that I do have that training and experience behind me for future applications if we move? If we go to California where they do have those same positions available at a GS-06 and GS-07 level, would it be easier to get into?

    As far as Norfolk and Virginia Police go.. Academy for both starts in January. I would have to ride out another six months waiting. They do have another academy in the springtime too. Would it be worth it to forget about Navy Police and go straight to either Norfolk or Virginia Beach Police Departments? Will the weight of the academy and work as a Norfolk or Virginia Beach officer allow me to apply for federal law enforcement jobs in the future?

    Or should I do both? Should I initially work for the Navy Police, get those two years in, quit, then go work for the local police? What would you do? What would you do if you knew that your wife could potentially be assigned anywhere in the country or in a US territory or potentially in another country five years from now? What career path would be most beneficial to the future?

    Thank you guys for your help.

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    $27K? Yikes.

    Can you get the Navy to reassign your wife to some place where police work pays better? Our rookies make over $100K a year, their first year on the road.


    • Vermillion1968
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      Unfortunately not, we’re stuck here for five years. :..( At the same time though, Norfolk and Virginia Beach have grown on me. The traffic is nowhere near the wickedness that NJ had and there are a ton of things to do. Amphibious Base has an excellent gym, campgrounds, parks and a gator water park. Naval Station has a great gym and rec center. There are plenty of pools too. Surrounding area has parks and is extremely friendly too. Beach in Norfolk and Virginia Beach is fantastic. It’s like being on vacation everyday... but shoot man.. $27k blows. I heard that each base operates differently
      with pay, advancement, even denying Leosa to its officers. There was an Officer from one of the bases at the testing I took for the Norfolk police department and he was ****ed at how the base where he worked was run. He complained that advancement that was promised was never given, they strung along their people, and it had extremely high turnover. He quit after eight months and didn’t care if they penalized him financially.

      Where I’d be going I heard nothing about and don’t know anyone who’s ever worked there. I’m going in totally blind.

    • Aidokea
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      I wouldn't even get out of bed for $27K. Just enjoy spending time with your wife when she's off.

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    I imagine that if you work for the feds, you can transfer to bases that have openings. Someone should be able to confirm that. How many times do you expect to move? Is your wife civilian or military? If you are a civilian LEO, it can still take from 1-3 years to get hired on in the new state, and you may very have to go to the academy again. What are you going to do for those 1-3 years? Make a habit of bouncing around the country and a number of agencies will stop looking at you.
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      She’s Active Duty. We would expect to be in each location realistically four to five years and from what I understand, transfers are possible if there are openings. My ex-Marine buddy worked in California doing the same kind of work. Ten years ago he said people were being hired at a GS7 paygrade. He said that this area of Virginia pays the lowest in the country but didn’t realize how low.
      If there are openings available for Department of the Navy Police, no additional training would be required I don’t think. If it’s Air Force or any other agency, most likely another academy would need to be gone through... at least that’s what I’ve been able to pull out of some of these forums but I really don’t know for sure. Wish someone could confirm.


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        You seem to be assuming that Norfolk or Virginia Beach PD's are guarantees...don't. Passing the written and physical for a PD hiring process is still VERY early in the process. You're probably in competition with a significant number of candidates at this point and the true weeding-out starts at the interview stage.

        Since your wife is active duty, you also have to consider the possibility that she will be transferred. That ends your job if you get hired at a PD, and going from one state to another will mean at least partial (and possibly full) academy, new retirement systems (that may not...in fact, probably won't...accept your previous retirement), and going through the entire hiring process again.

        Make sure you factor all of this into your decision-making.
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          APG pays their 0083s as GS-6s and we are on DC's payscale.. def look for more money!
          Former Police Officer (Injured LOD)
          USAF VETERAN 2004-2012
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            You should look into applying for the state. Virginia ABC is hiring special agents both certified and uncertified last time I checked. https://www.abc.virginia.gov/about/c...rs-enforcement


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              GS-03...Step 1..? Yikes, as others have mentioned, I would look at other real police agencies if money is a bigger concern for you. Then again if you do decide with DON, you'll go to FLETC (with a contract) get your foot in the door and can transfer to other Federal LEAs in the future. I knew of some 0083's who got picked up by ICE and the U.S. Marshalls. It happens.


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                0083 position

                The good..
                1 - FERS retirement (none covered). Fully transferable to any federal agency/position.
                2 - 0083 experience could probably set you up for many other 0083 positions across the country (if your wife transfers)
                3 - More of a security job than a real LEO position (safety).
                4 - TSP

                The bad
                1 - Very low pay when compared to other “police” jobs or other Federal positions.
                2 - FERS non LEO retirement (much lower percentage)
                3 - More If a security job than a real LEO position (not much fun)

                You would probably be better off going TSA as they have positions all over the country and the pay is actually better.

                My recommendation would be to take the 0083 job and then look to get into a real agency. At that time have your wife ETS. Unless she is high on the O pay scale you will make more as a GS 12/13 Federal LEO with premium pay (well into 6 figures). If you don’t get picked up by some of the more coveted agencies then you could simply transfer/pickup positions near where your wife is stationed in the future.

                FY - There are a lot of federal positions on the East Coast/DC area that are somewhat hard to fill because many across the nation have no desire to work there.
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                  I would go with the Navy Police in your situation.


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                    Try the VA Hospital in Hampton for a cop job. Starting pay is $45k and none of the bs of working on the base.

                    Working on the base, doesn't guarantee that you will be on patrol. You could be on gates or working in the ROC (Regional dispatch).
                    I don't answer recruitment messages....


                    • westside popo
                      westside popo commented
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                      That sounds even better!

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                    27k? sheshh.
                    There is a Navy Police listing right now...listed at GS5/7, depending on experience. 33.9k-66k


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