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Getting OC sprayed at training


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  • Getting OC sprayed at training

    I am getting OC sprayed coming up in a few weeks so i'll be able to carry it. Ive talked to some officers at the department, and said it didnt effect them, some said it stung for about 2 weeks after with the lingering affects. Then there was everhyone in between.

    What were your experiences with getting sprayed for the 1st time? How did you take it?

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    take it like a baby. hurt like a mofo. teargas was more bearable. OC sucks big time... very BIG.. it'll sting and you'll have so much snot coming out. i didn't know you could produce so much. you'll be tearing up. the only thing that will help is the wind. water doesn't do anything. it'll feel good, but it's not helping. wash out the crap with water and just bear it out. took me like 15 mins to recover. it'll vary with others. your face will be red. when you go home and take a shower, it'll come back and hit you again. hot water sucks on it. have fun


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      It sucks, but people's experience do vary. Some people do take a couple of days to completely recover, but most will be ok the next day at the latest.

      The best way to recover afterwards is lots of soap, little water. As stated water by itself won't help much and will just reactivate the heat. Soap up with a little water, rinse, resoap, etc. Do that a half dozen times and you'll get most of the oil off of your face and will recover quite a bit quicker.
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        got hit, put water and it didnt help only for a few seconds while the water was on. the best part was putting your eyes in front of a fan or air conditioner constantly until it went away. that was a godsend. a good 45 minutes of constant pain, never want to go through that again. i think my brain actually blocked it out.


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          Wash up w/ a dish detergent as it cuts the oil in the capsicum and gets it off your skin.

          ***Get someone to take pictures, I have some and man do I look disgusting!!***


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            Wasn't the most enjoyable thing in my life but I am glad I know how it reacts.

            It took roughly 45 mins for me to get rid of the effects. Make sure you keep rinsing, stay in the fresh air and don't panic. All in all it's a good training experience but it does hurt like hell.

            Definitely take photos, or have someone else do it for you.

            Last thing....do NOT have a hot shower at night. Make sure the water is relatively cool and wash your face/hair a few times to make sure it's all gone.


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              Depends on how porous/oily your skin is. I have pretty oily skin so it took a solid 20-25 minutes before I could even open my eyes. That's with a hose to my face the whole time to.
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                OC Spray

                Hope it works on bad guys as well as it did on me. Flushing my eyes helped me, but it still took 20-25 minutes before I could even think about functioning normally. Took a long shower soon as I got home. Still had a little stinging sensation around my eyes the next morning. By the middle of the day I was OK. OC effects different people in different ways, and yes, there's the guy it won't effect at all.


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                  For me, it SUCKS..im ver suceptible to it. Bring some "Dawn" barnd dish detergent with you. Once they spray you up, As Soon as you're allowed wash your whole head with the detergent. The Irritant in the spray is an Oil. The detergent will encapsulate it and carry it off when you rinse. While some other detergents will probably work just as well, i KNOW the Dawn does, in fact i carry a little squeeze container of it in my bag for when some of my overzealous litle lambs manage to get ME.


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                    It wasn't something I want to do everyday, mind you, but for me it was tolerable. It hurt, but I kept telling myself, "This can't last forever" which happens to be the same thing I said during childbirth...LOL and the same thing I told myself three months ago when I had a tumor removed from my ear. I've discovered I apparently have a rather high pain tolerance, which is good sometimes. I've gotten cross contaminated many times on the job and it just doesn't seem to hit me as hard as the other officers. Don't use much water to get it off. Take Dawn dish detergent with you and use it. WASH YOUR HEAD/HAIR MANY TIMES before you get in the shower that night...or honey you're going to burn EVERYTHING on the way down...LOL

                    Best of luck to you! :-)

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                      I got sprayed a few weeks ago. The Dawn things works! Just remember you really can't use too much. Get a big bottle and dump it on the effected areas. Be careful scrubbing as this will grind the oc into the skin. Find the wind and put your face into it. Go easy with water and find something you can focus your mind on. I kept saying the Lord's prayer over and over. Don't put anything else on your face afterwards. My classmate use some vaseline afterwords and he trapped it to his skin. Also, refrain from having any "relations" with a signifigant other...if you know what I mean.
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                        I was affected pretty bad by it. I had been CS'ed before and had taken some minor hits with OC and it wasn't to bad but the guy who got me when I went through the academy got me big time. It took about 45 minutes for it to wear off but my eyes still hurt all of the next day.


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                          Get some of these. Take away about 85% of the effects of the OC when they let you decontaminate yourself.



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                            I had it a couple years ago during seasonal academy and it was definately the most painful experience I've ever had. Uncontrollable agony for about 15 minutes...felt like forever...then off and on burning for about another 30 minutes. Red eyes and face the rest of the evening.

                            Definiately not looking forward to having it done again when I go to a full-time academy...but I have heard that each time you get exposed, you get more used to it and the next time won't be as bad?

                            Wind helps a ton...so pray for it. Otherwise, baby soap and water. When you get the chance later on...put your head in a sink and wash off your hair, avoiding your face, then take a cool shower. Even if you think it's all gone, do this! As previously stated, people react differently, but the kind of OC they use also makes a difference. I dunno what I got, but I can't imagine what stronger would be, if it wasn't it!

                            One thing to add: I was so nervous that I went to the back of the line and watched everyone else - BAD MOVE. The more I watched, the worse I felt. My advice, volunteer to be first...that way...you won't psyche yourself out too much, the buckets of water won't be contaminated, and you can just get it over with!

                            It sucks, but it's good to know what it's like so when you end up spraying yourself or get it from another officer while wrestling with someone...you'll know what to expect!

                            Good luck.


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                              I know when I was sprayed they used OC and CS combined. GREAT Stuff. Burned like the dickens and more snot than a human should produce!!! However a huge word of advice I did not recieve till afterwards. DON'T SHAVE ON THE BIG DAY I did b-i-g mistake!! Anyway baby shampoo,water, then plenty of wind!! I was fine the next day minor tingling around eyes but nothing bad.

                              P.S. Just so happened we were sprayed on P.T. Day....coincedence???? And yes after initial decontamination it was "fun" time ...LOL


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