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Your favorite and least favorite types of encounters


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  • Your favorite and least favorite types of encounters

    What do you dislike the most & appreciate the most when it comes to encountering civilians while on duty? For the most part, are you treated with respect or disrespect?

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    Odd as it sounds I've enjoyed every single call for service whether mundane civilian assists which even includes the civil rental issues... Granted unlike many others on the forum I don't have years and years in to sit back and say the calls that are eye roll inducing or the likes.

    For the most part I've been everywhere in my jurisdiction and enjoyed my encounters.. I've only received "disrespect" from those who know I'm there and they are ultimately being arrested and/or going to receive a cite for whatever I find.


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      The majority of the residents in my jurisdiction like and support the police. I'll often have people waving to me when I drive through subdivisions or even thanking me for what I do. In this day and age of media scrutiny, often to make us look like heels, it's nice to see and hear. Without doubt, my favorite is the kids. Most of them look at a police officer like they're seeing a real life superhero. It's fun to hand out the badge stickers, flash the emergency lights when I drive past them, and so on. I love doing the National Night Out for that reason.

      I'm a big fan of ride alongs. The short term inconvenience of having to move my patrol bag to the back seat is usually worth it. I appreciate when people want to learn more about the field and how things work for themselves rather than assume every Facebook law degree street lawyer must be correct. Public education about why and how law enforcement operates is a great partnership builder.

      As for the downside, drunks. I despise dealing with drunks. They're irrational, rude, and everytime anyone has fought with me, they've been intoxicated. I understand why we gave Prohibition a shot; alcohol is such an aggravating factor in so many peoples bad decisions.
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        Having people ask this question.
        Now go home and get your shine box!


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          I always enjoyed helping/listening to elderly people. They would get all the time I could offer. I imagined how I'd want a LEO to treat my parents/Grandparents etc. Actually learned a tremendous amount from them in the hood about making your house harder to burglarize. I would try
          to get to know them and if I had time I would sit in front of their house if I had paperwork to do. Good, salt of the earth people. During a power outage I spent 30 minutes trying to catch an elderly lady's little dog, he thought we were playing. Some of the best 30 minutes of my career--being able to finally hand her her beloved little dog.

          I struggled with self entitled rich brats that the first thing that came out of their mouth was 'do you know who my parents are?'
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