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CO experience, will it help for PD?


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  • CO experience, will it help for PD?

    I'm currently 19 and just began work as a corrections officer. As I live in Minnesota, I'll need a 2 year college degree to join the PD, so I'll begin working on that soon.
    My question:
    If I work as a CO for those 2 years, will that increase my desirability [sp?] to the police department? If so, would that give me a large boost in appeal, or will it just tack a few points on to my resume?

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    Absolutely. While you may not be performing specific "police duties," you learn how to deal and speak with unfriendly characters.
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      It will help out in that you have a work schedule where you don't expect to be off weekends and holidays, you will have and be familiar with a formal chain of command, dept. SOP's, etc. We've hired 2 guys who came from the corrections field.


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        It will help a lot. It familiarizes you with dealing with criminals and the games they WILL try to play with you on the street. Also if you are a CO at the same place you want to get hired into that's a bonus. GOOD LUCK!
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          CO Experience

          Agree 100% with the previous posts. Build a solid record in Corrections, it can be a plus. When you get on the street, you'll start out with knowledge many new Officers only wish they could have. You'll be a whole lot harder to con and lie to. Working the jail is one of the best "educational" experiences an Officer can have.


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