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    Something struck me funny. I've read more and more that officers and deputies are being told, if they have one, to delete their MySpace profiles. While I do understand the need for personal security for the LEO's, and departments wishing to protect themselves from potential embarassment, which is most likely the main reasoning behind this, but what about intelligence gathering needs? Though it is possible to view someone's profile without being a member, you must register to view any more features (ie..photos, blogs, friend lists). To put it another way, by randomly entering "mara salvatrucha" into MySpace's search feature, I came across tons of MS members and more and more once I began going through friends lists. Wouldn't trying to prohibit officers from logging onto MySpace be just keeping the law enforcement community from utilizing a potentially viable intelligence gathering tool?

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    There's two sides to it.

    One side is blocking MySpace access on department computers. I think this is a great idea, since the site is horribly written and can screw up an OS real bad if the system isn't set up right and the users click on every flashy thing they see.

    The other side is telling their officers not to have personal profiles (having a blank account for "research" purposes isn't an issue), which I believe is somewhat justified. If they are not identifying themself as an officer, let them have a page within reason. No pictures from that wild night when you banged the stripper, you know?
    The above comments reflect the personal, off-the-record, unofficial opinions of the individual posting them only, and in no way, shape, or form should be taken to indicate any particular opinion, policy, or belief by the poster's or any other agency, governmental entity, organization, or corporation. Thank you and have a nice day.


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      The ones you are hearing about, are the ones that post pics of them in uniform, in marked patrol cars and other things that should not be posted. Some are posting things that when a citizen reads/views looks not only bad on an officer but now the department they are representing. Most officers keep it civil, but you will always have a few that cause policy to be changed.
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