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"Public Safety" Police/Fire Depts.


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  • "Public Safety" Police/Fire Depts.

    Do any of you work on departments that are combined police/fire; here in IL i think theyre called "public safety" departments, and the officers are trained in both fire and police duties/qualifications. How common are these and how do they function? I can't imagine someone getting pulled over in a fire truck or smthg :-) Just kidding, but I'm wondering how these depts are organized and how calls are handled...

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    i only know of one current dept in CA that has this. Sunnyvale Dept of Public Safety in northern CA. quite competitive to get in and you have to goto both a police and fire academy. i'm not sure how they rotate the police/fire duties. maybe seniority? or bidding? but they pay well...

    IMO, i think it's better to keep dept seperate. but i guess it's cheaper?


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      There is also Rohnert Park out here in NorCal. They came to my academy class and explained a little how it works. What they told us was you could do a 6 or 12 month rotation. If you like one thing better than another you could sign on for another rotation depending on what the department needs more or seniority.


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        There is also a department over in South Dakota that does "Public Safety." Not sure of the name of the departments name though.
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          Public Safety

          Okay, I'm going to throw this in, so hope it helps. At city/county levels, a Public Safety Dept is a police/fire agency, with personnel trained in both professions. Rotation of duties/shifts varies with department policies. I believe there are several public safety departments in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. That includes DFW Airport. At the state level, a Dept of Public Safety is essentially, the State Police. Alabama, Arizona, Texas, and several states have Public Safety Depts. In Alabama, the Department of Public Safety provides a full range of police services to the state. It is divided into six divisions: Highway Patrol, Alabama Bureau of Investigation,Driver's License,Protective Services, Administrative, and Service .Officers are cross trained, and can and do serve in any of the divisions according to preference, or needs of the department. Alabama is a predominately rural state, with many small county, and municipal agencies. When one of these agencies requires assistance, DPS provides it on an "as needed" basis. This reply is by no means, all inclusive, but I hope it helps answer your question.


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            I work at a dual-certified Police/Fire department. We still work 8hr days, 5 days a week. Normally 3-4 days are doing the law enforcement function, while the other 1-2 are doing firefighting. If you're assigned to the firehall you wear a different uniform. We have special teams just like any other police agency as well as a Hazmat/GO Team for fire/aircraft hazmat-related responses.

            We have our own dispatch center separate from the Metropolitan PD/FD, but I can still talk to them directly should I need to.

            It's a great department with good pay, good benefits, and some of the best training in the country. Alot of our special teams go through local, state, and Federal training. One day you might work a "code," the next a DUI arrest. It mixes things up a little bit. About 1/3 of our deparmtent are EMT's with the remainder being First Responder certified.
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              I worked for one in MO.

              We (the LEOs) were full-time and we had a Volly FF with several full-time FFs that drove a responding truck to the we has something there right off the bat instead of waiting.

              LEOs had to be LEO/FF quailified. When we were off-duty, we were supposed to respond to any fire call-outs...but if we didn't no one got too over bent over it as there was usually enough Volly's responding. If if was something big and they sent a second or third page out.......we were required to be there if we were in town.....

              I know of several agenices in MO that are Public Safety. Some do what Scott's Airport does (take turns at doing different work) while others let you specialize in one area....but you have to be quailifed in the other areas as well....


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