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Psych questions in general...


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  • Psych questions in general...

    How long does the actual psych test take? I know that they give you a test where you answer questions, but then I believe that they have you talk to a psychologist or something like that. What exactly does the psychologist ask you if he interviews you? I am sure that they can pretty much gauge the kind of person that you're, just based on talking to you. But, I was just wondering what the main things that they are looking for are?

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    Based on personal experiences with several departments over the years, you will take the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) which is 560 or so true/false questions, how long it takes varies from individual to individual. The MMPI will have questions like "People are stealing my thoughts", "If I was a painter I would like to paint flowers" and "I have often had thoughts too terrible to put into words", the MMPI is normally machine scored while you wait, the Psycologist/Psyciatrist/Social Worker will normally review the results and then have a one on one with you that may last as little as 10 minutes to over an hour depending on your answers to the MMPI and department guidlines. Every psych eval I have ever taken has lasted less than 2 hours including the MMPI. The MMPI is alleged to spot various types of personality types, some of which may be unsuited to law enforcement.
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      Depends on the dept. LAPD and SDPD, tested for both, use different tests. SDPD used 3 separate tests, but both used the Multi-phasic one.

      My favorite questions:

      1. Do you like the color purple?
      2. Does the job of a librarian interest you?
      3. Do you feel you have been abducted by aliens?

      they will ask several questions several times, several different ways. It's designed to see if you get tricked with the way they ask the question and answer differently, testing for deception and personality traits.

      If you're really worried about the psych... you probably should be worried.

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        the written portion, maybe 2-3 hours. 2 if your fast...
        the psych interview? depends on your background, the psych results, and red flags, psych issues,etc... some people i've known had 1 hour interviews. each psych interviews differently too. some play mind games and try to stress you out. mine was like 5 mins. he asked me couple questions like why law enforcement and what's you weakness... then he looked over my test and background and said " ok you pass." guess i didn't have any major red flags.

        i had a previous one, where it was like 5 mins too.. the doc asked me standard questions, like age, family, education, etc.. and i failed.


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          Both times I had to go through the psych test it took about 2 1/2 hours. First I did the MMPI, then I had an interview with the psychologist which took about forty-five minutes. On top of the psych stuff, they also asked you other questions to see how well you can remember things. They would give you sequences of numbers and then have you give them back. They also gave me a group of words at the start of the interview and told me to remember them. About half way through they asked what the words were. They had me count backwards from one hundred by seven. After it was all over with, they told me I passed both times. It's not really something to worry about, although I have known of someone to fail it with one department and then pass it with the same psychologist three weeks later with a different department. That's kind of messed up.


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