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  • Officer mentor???

    I've been trying for law enforcement positions for a few years now but, I feel that after being terminated from a prior dispatch position has only made it impossible to be hired at another agency.( I was terminated for poor performance) I've been thinking about attending a self sponsored academy, or possibly look for an officer mentor. I guess my question is, would looking for an officer mentor be a good idea? Would an officer ever consider mentoring someone?

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    Hi Javi,

    I would recommend against a self sponsored academy. Here's my thoughts on the matter. It's pretty hard to get terminated from a disapatch position, particularly for poor performance. When that happens, it usually reflects a lack of maturity and poor judgment on the dispatcher's part. No academy is going to help you regain those qualities. Such traits are usually acquired through life experience.

    There's two ways to get life experience. One is to do it slowly as you pass through life. I don't think that is going to meet your needs as I suspect you are looking for a more immediate remedy. OTOH. Mark Twain once wrote that a man who carries a cat home by the tail will learn more in 30 seconds than if he spends years reading up on the subject.

    Now, what does that mean and how does it relate to your situation? I

    'm going to suggest (and you will no doubt cringe when I say this) but enlisting in the military will for you, be like carrying a cat home by the tail. In the short few year of your enlistment you will be put in many positions that will allow you to quickly mature and develop good decision making and judgment skills, far more than if you just stayed home and tried having someone mentor you.

    With what you will gain, you should be able to come back and successfully tackle a dispatcher or police officer job without difficulty.

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    What, exactly, do you expect this "officer mentor" to do for you, and how are they going to do it? You are not an employee, you are not a cadet, and you are not a kid without a father figure. Where would you even find such a mentor? Sorry, but I'm stumped.

    A recent termination is going to be very tough to overcome. Most will just DQ you right off the bat. Time may help, and it may not. It certainly increases you chances, but it is not a sure thing.

    How old are you, and what education do you have?

    If you have any interest in the military, explore all of the branches and see what they have to offer you.


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      Are 'mentors' officially designated as such now? I've had a handful in my career and no one was assigned the role. Heck, some probably didn't even know they were mentors- I just learned a lot from them and admired how they operated.

      Ironically, a few of the people formally assigned in parallel roles (i.e.- FTOs, supervisors) were the ones I had no use for and couldn't learn from.

      In a way, mentors are organic, like friendships. They can't be forced and they don't come along everyday.

      Good mentors, just like anything valuable, are unique and rare.
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        Being the 3rd one in, I am probably going to get called for a flagrant-2 (Go Raptors!) for piling-on, but, no, do NOT waste your money on attending ANY sort of possibly-might-get-your-foot-in-the-door Police "foundations" course without being able to be hired on first by an Agency.
        Join the military, as my semi-learned fellow-commenters have proposed, or simply work at something else where you can build up your life-skills to show you have grown and matured. Sign up for volunteer work, such as joining a community or other organization.
        It may be that you even realize that Policing, or other LE work, whether front-line or communications, is REALLY not for you.
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