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  • Out-of-state laterals

    Good day,

    What are the hiring procedures for Arizona police laterals when moving to other states, particularly the East coast, Texas, and west coast? Do they have to start all over again or just show the Arizona certification and take a short course in the above mentioned states?

    thank you

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      You would have to be considerably more specific to figure out what hoops you'd have to jump through. The hours/requirements for state certifications vary (sometimes wildly). I know, back in the stone ages when I went through the academy, California and Ohio required considerably higher hours than other states...that made it easy for us Ohioans to transfer to other states, but few other states had the minimums to transfer here without considerable retraining. There are also departmental minimums...some departments will sent everyone through an academy, no matter if they're certified already or not.
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        And Ohio will not evaluate your training until you have actually been hired by an agency, so there is no way to find out in advance what will transfer and what you have to make up. I know Ohio to Texas is pretty easy. I imagine Arizona Post to Texas would be relatively painless as well.


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