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Question regarding pistol registration/safety inspection


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  • Question regarding pistol registration/safety inspection

    First and foremost, let me extend my gratitude to those men and women of law enforcement on here. I've been browsing on here for a month or so and finally decided to post. So, onto my question(s).....

    In November, I purchased a Springfield Armory XD40. After picking the pistol up from the firearm store, I took it back to my local PD for the inspection. Right there, an officer and the dispatcher checked and compared the serial number on the firearm to my green Michigan Pistol Registration. After that, they told me they would call me in a few days when the inspection was completed and signed.

    My question to the LEO community is during the course of the inspection, is it a common practice, or even legal, to fire the weapon?

    I ask this because when I received my pistol back, it had definately been cleaned and oil was all over the slide. On the back of the registration it says that a cursory inspection of the firearm has been made and an inspection for mechanical defects of operational and safety mechanisms has not been made.
    I have absolutely no problem with any officer discharging my firearm as i'm very proud of my first pistol. I'd just like to hear if this is a common practice.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    Pistol Registration

    In Alabama, the registration of any firearm is not required by state law. To the best of my knowledge, no cities in the state require it either. In your case, you would be governed either by Michigan law, or an appropriate city ordnance. As to whether or not it is a policy requirement to actually fire your weapon, I really couldn't say. Usually, a safety inspection of a weapon can be accomplished without firing it. You might wish to check with your local PD concerning this.


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      Thanks for the response!

      BTW, if this was a question that shouldn't be asked or is borderline, please let me know and I will delete the thread.


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        No, nothing wrong with the question.


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          I've never even heard of a "firearms safety inspection," but, then, Ohio doesn't have mandatory firearms registration.

          The Springfield is a nice firearm. Maybe the officer just wanted to have a short dance with your new lady...
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