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  • Previous Work Experience Question

    Hey guys,
    How would previous experience as a paramedic and auxiliary officer look during the selection process for departments. Next summer I'll be starting courses to become a paramedic and I hope to eventually switch to LE after I get a few years in. If all works well how would departments view this?

    P.S. Also, I have no criminal convictions, no past drug/alcohol use, no etc.

    Sorry to bring this up but is it just me or am I terrible at writing posts? I'm new to the whole forum thing and my posts just look a little odd...

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    If you want to be a cop, why not just go be a cop? If you intend to switch professions in a few years, the hiring authority at the police agency is going to wonder if that is also your plan after you've spent a few years with them. Decide what you want to do, and then take steps to be able to do it. Eyes on the Prize. Few qualifications are more persuasive than those of someone who has worked consistently and exclusively to achieve a goal.
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      Previous Work Experience

      As an addenda to Tim's post let me add this. Even if you're a fully qualified EMT, etc, you're still going to have to jump through all the required hoops in the hiring process. Usually, that requires a written exam, physcological evaluation, physical exam, physical agility test, oral interview, and the ability to pass a thorough background investigation. I also agree with Tim's advice, that if you're contemplating a law enforcement career, now is the time to start.


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        Very interesting guys thanks! I'm just juggling around how I'm going to pay for college, get a job, etc., so I figured I'd ask guys who have gone through this for their input.


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          Why in the world would you put all the time and effort into becoming a paramedic (it is not going to be easy) if you want to get out of it in a couple of years? Military service, a college education and a stable work history will go a long way. If you're conflicted, try to get that Aux. PD job as well as an EMT license so you can run on a volunteer squad (if there are any in your area) and see what has the most appeal to you.


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            I agree, why change professions, when you can already roll into one?? Some departments also give tuition aid (or remibursement for college). Like here, if you get an A, they reimburse you 75%, or something like that.


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              Those things usually are considered positive work experiences, provided you did them well.
              Dealing with people in less than idea circumstances is a job requirement for EMS and police.


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                I got my EMT-I qualifications while in the military and didn't care for it. I think it probably helped me get hired six years later when I applied for police departments, though. Experience dealing with people in emergency situations, working under stress, and working as a team all look good to a perspective employer.

                I personally wouldn't go all the way to Paramedic if I planned on switching careers shortly, though. Get an EMT-B course and see what you think of it before going further.

                I don't know your age or your life experience, but you might also consider the military. I got a lot of free college, GI Bill, and experience from my stint.
                I miss you, Dave.


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