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How often do situations escalate to the use of your gun?


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    Strongly opposed to what kind of violence?

    It's one thing to be strongly opposed to the improper use of violence, but if you don't realize that use of force (violence) is a necessary and proper part of this job you're looking at the wrong occupation. No one should be going to work wanting to inflict injury on others, but times arise when failure to do so can and does lead to much greater injuries on all involved. Suspects, especially ones with the potential for causing physical harm to you and those around you need to know that failure to comply with lawful commands will result in use of force. Empty threats, given with the "hope" that one can scare the offender into going along with the program are usually a disaster. Many officers found that a reluctance to use force has only escalated the situation by causing the offender to act, believing he can escape arrest due to indecisiveness of the one person who should be making the decisions. If you have problems dealing with less than lethal levels of force, when/if the situation arises to use lethal force can you make the decision quickly enough? Believe me when I say this, experienced criminals can detect indecision, doubt and fear like you wouldn't believe. If you have problems dealing violence (when appropriate), not just dealing with it, you can't safely do this job.
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    "I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get around in places where it's spoken."


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