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    It used to be that when only a high school education was required, a bachelors might be over education. Most agencies around me are increasing their education requirements to a bachelors degree SO do you feel that a Masters degree would render me over qualified? I dont want to make myself look good or show off but rather to advance by studies. Thoughts? Also, i know that alot of departments have educational reimbursements but i couldnt imagine working full time and attending graudate school. ??
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    I'd rather hire someone with a solid work history than letters after their name. The police academy and field training is about all the education you need to be a cop, perhaps with the exception of classes in English and writing.
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      Unless you're going for a federal outfit that is enamored of grad degrees, I'd skip grad school until you've got a local LE job. Many agencies will see you as overqualified if you have a grad degree, or just misguided because a graduate education is not especially valued until you get into the supervisory ranks. If you're planning on getting your grad degree in an area relative to law enforcement, I think you'll find it will make a lot more sense once you have some time on the road, anyway.
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        I'd get hired into a dept. first and then by all means continue your education. I don't agree that all you need is the police academy and a field training program. Times are changing and police officers need to be well educated to keep up with well educated criminals. There are a lot cops who further the educ. while on the job so like I said try to get hired into a PD first.
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