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    Job role

    Originally posted by JLH81 View Post
    I am just curious how you LEO's control your natural fear response. I guess my best example of this would be doing something such as a high risk traffic stop, or a really violent Domestic. Also, how do you deal with someone yelling at you, and constantly threatening you. I am thinking that you would try to hide your fear, especially with someone that has the potential of really harming you. I just often think that it would be really hard to do. Also, when you do traffic stops, does the average Joe seem really nervous when you approach him/her? I know that I everytime I got pulled over, my heart just about drops when the lights go on. This is not because I have anything illegal on me, or I did anything awfully bad, it just seems like it's a natural reaction. I'm just curious how other people seem when you pull them over.
    I still after 13yrs have fear at times and from experience instead of tunnel vision I try to focus more. That helps. When someone is aggitated I stare at their hands and become more professional knowing what's next, if they cuss me in Va thats against the law and I arrest them. If they do so in a force threat or intimidation manner rather than just yelling out of frustration that's another charge for obstruction. When any of the above is aparent I call for another unit and if possible continue dialogue with the customer until back up is on scene (again if possible)next I tell the party they are under arrest and order them to put their hands behind their back sometimes I order them on the ground it all depends. Then if they comply I put handcuffs on them. If they dont then thats another paragraph and it's late. As for others reaction when pulled, depends on who you pull. Some are nerveous with reason of criminal activity afoot some nerveous because they aren't used to it. That six sense sometimes works that one out along with good police work and inquiries in a professional tone sometimes friendly. This job, point to sum it up for you. You have to be able to go from howdy yall mr friendly to pumping magazines in their center mass of target/threat to stop them from Zero to 160mph...quicker than timing it. So remember that when you see a cop sitting on the roadside and you are cusing what he isnt doing because you dont see he is catching up on reports before his next call.
    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The MARINES don't have that problem." ....Ronald Reagan


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      Originally posted by WARWAGON View Post
      As previously stated, training, and then more training, Think about what your response might be in a given situation until it just comes natural.

      Like I told David Cannon with Clayton County PD.
      He was in a chase with a stolen van.
      They opened the back doors of the van and started with an AUTOMATIC weapon.
      Shot out his tire, windshield, and most of the front end of the car, along with his right eye, but he kept up until the troops caught up and they were captured.
      While he was in the hospital we talked about it.
      He said that during the whole thing, he wasn't scared.

      Do the job
      You get scared and nervous later.
      Ive been shot at and on the ground fighting for my life and you are right. The fear and anger and sometimes hatred comes later when you see your friends and family. It comes like a rush.
      "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The MARINES don't have that problem." ....Ronald Reagan


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