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  • Looking for applied legal advise...

    I have explored the FMCSA/DOT site and the MD.MVA site . The more I look thru the Fed site the more confused I get. I have a new truck..an F250 with a GVRW of 9800 and a conventional towing capacity of 12.5 thousand pounds.Within the state of Maryland , I think i understand what is legal ,to comply with my 26,000 licence limitation.
    I am very interested to learn : What do I need to know in order to drive from state to state carrying a utility or boat trailer. Any enforcement links of eastern states would be great. Secong question....what is the definition of "Commercial Driving" from an enforcement viewpoint?
    An example of things i would like to do: I would like to be able to drive to Georgia...buy two or three trailers (stacked) under 7,000 pounds and bring back to sell. I would like to be able to transport small boats friends or aquiantenaces and recieve cost reimbursement for fuel.
    In summary ..i am tryng to get an idea of what line I should not cross...and when am I required to pull into weigh stations???Any links would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your best bet is probably to go to the local MVA office or state police barracks and ask them. Those are the specialists.
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