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  • ld cause problem?

    For some background im 21 years old and i currently wrok for an oil comapny in CT. Ive been looking into and thinking about changing feilds and moving to LE. My quesiton is i have a learning disabilty called dyslexia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyslexia . That should let you in on what it is if you dont already know. My learning disablitly has never held me back and im really intrested in becoming LE. The only problem is i have a small trouble taking test on computers and timed test. Physicaly i can do everything its just the school work that might be tough. Would i be dq for this and should i bring it up if i get called for my interview?? Any help and thoughts would be great. thank you

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    It would be up to you to get through the written and the academy. After that, there's very little that a Franklin Ace pocket spelling computer can't solve

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      I field trained an officer with dyslexia. He was a natural cop...very personable, lots of common sense, caught on very quickly when it cames to the hands-on law enforcement that is the nuts and bolts of the job. As an FTO, I learned quickly that he caught on to traning when it was hands-on...fortunately for him, I was an adaptable FTO who preferred to teach that way in the first place.

      He had some major problems with tests, however. It took him several tries to pass the state certification test (he had to appeal and get permission to take the test verbally) and would probably have trouble with most civil service tests, which limited his options job-wise.

      His biggest hurdle was probably his report writing, though. He was smart, but his reports were a mess because of his dyslexia. Considering how vital written reports are in this line of work, that made for a big problem. Fortunately for him, he started at a small department that was willing to accomodate him by investing in voice-recognition software. He found it much easier to dictate his reports with the software than to type them.
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        General George S. Patton Jr. was dyslexic. They didn't really know what that was when he went to West Point almost 100 years ago. Prior to getting to West Point, Patton had been largely home schooled. My point is simply this. Go for it. Shoot your best shot. Don't give up. If you don't get my point by now, apply. Good luck.


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          no thoughts in giving up. Test arn't that bad for me as long as i understand the information. Written test helped me get a CT licsence for what i do now. But im not going to give up and thank you for all your knollage and help thank you so much


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