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Do grades effect my changes of getting a job in Law Enforcement?


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  • Do grades effect my changes of getting a job in Law Enforcement?

    So this is my last semester as a CJ student. I have pretty decent grades. The only problem is, in my Criminal Procedures course, Constitutional Principles, and Criminal Justice ethics course I have a C, C, and a D. I might not have scored so high on some of the projects within these classes which give me poor grades, but I did receive credit for all of them. In all my other classes I have A’s and B’s with a GPA of 3.06, as of current. So, my question is “What are the chances of me being disqualified after an employer takes a glimps of that transcript and sees the grades that I have stated above?”

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    Chances are, potential employers will never even see your transcripts or even bother to ask for them. Having the degree is all that matters to those departments that give weight to college degrees in hiring (some do, some don't). The only downside to doing poorly on CJ classes is that some of that information does help in the academy and later in your career (search and seizure, state laws, constitutional law, etc), potentially putting you a little ahead of the curve learning the job early on.
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      What Bing said.


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        Only once have I seen an agency (somewhere in Texas) want applicants to have a B average on grades. That was many years ago. It's a little extreme and hard to prove a valid relationship to the job. .
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          I pulled D's in a class or two or three. I gave up on Macro Economics after a week and pretty much stopped going other than test days. Same for Educational Leadership and Interpretive Dance.

          Somehow managed a 3.0 by the end, no small miracle.

          Went on to have a long and exceptional career with significant accomplishments. Many job titles with several agencies over the years. Loved by those who appreciate justice and despised by doers of wrong.

          NOT ONCE in the hiring processes did anyone ask why I tubed Macro Econ or any of the other mindless courses....
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            I agree with everyone else. We've never bothered with transcripts for hiring purposes. The only time we care about grades is when our agency foots the bill for officers to further their education. We're not going to pay for them to half-a.s.s their courses.

            That being said, a D in ETHICS is a bit concerning for a future LEO.


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              In contrast to what others have said, I had to send official transcripts from each college I attended to each department I applied to. The Assistant Chief even made a remark about a couple of lower grades I received in a few classes during my Chief's interview. I would be prepared to discuss how you plan improve your study habits in the academy.
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                I had one "D" in law school, but do you think the employers pay attention to that or the JD behind my name? If you really want to stand out do things that other applicants wouldn't normally do. The Feds are a little more attentive to this, but if it's a "buyer's" market for LE agencies where they can be selective, what is going to make you stand out? Volunteer time, intern somewhere, do some things that will tell employers you are serious about your career. Understand that your life will be under a microscope when you apply in this field. I've seen very attractive applicants get booted because of their social media. If your instagram, facebook, twitter feed, etc are full of bigotry, racial remarks, drunk fests, sexism, critical views of LE or other governmental entities, don't even think about applying. I think millennials and others in the younger generation lack some serious experience in interpersonal relationships. You have to know how to deal with people on all levels FACE to FACE, not over a computer or phone.
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